5 Quick Tips to prevent milk boiling over

01/6How can you prevent milk boiling over?

Milk boiling over is normal and it almost happens with all of us. The struggle is real because you eventually have to clean all the mess by yourself. Have you given up on the idea that you can’t control the milk boiling ever? Well, it’s never too late to explore new hacks. So, here are some quick tips to prevent milk from boiling over.

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02/6Pour water into the vessel

The first tip is pretty simple and convenient. All you have to do is pour some water to a vessel and then add milk to the vessel. Let it come to a boil and you will never witness this disaster again.

You can also opt for taking a larger vessel in comparison to the quantity of milk. Next, just add water followed by milk. This tip also helps you from milk boiling over.

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03/6Rub butter on the rim of the vessel

Take a vessel in which you will be boiling milk. Rub butter on the rim of the vessel and then pour the milk. This will prevent your milk from boiling over.

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04/6Keep a wooden spatula in the center

Keeping a wooden spatula over the milk vessel while it’s boiling will prevent the milk from boiling over. Make sure that you keep the spatula in the center of the vessel (just like the diameter of the circle).

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05/6Lift and Shake

The Lift and Shake tip is a tricky one. Whenever you sense that your milk is about to boil over, just lift the vessel and shake it gently. The boiling milk will surely settle down.

This tip will only work when you have your eyes on the vessel. The presence of mind is a must quality for this trick to succeed. Make sure you don’t burn your hand in the process while lifting the vessel.

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06/6Sprinkle water on the foam.

If the Lift and Shake tip seems a bit difficult, then you can go with a simpler option. You can sprinkle some water on the foam coming out of the milk. This would help you prevent the milk from boiling over.

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