How to boil potatoes perfectly

01/8​Follow these steps to boil potatoes right

When it comes to Indian cooking, boiling potatoes is a common affair. From samosas, parathas, to pav bhaji, every other dish requires boiled potatoes. While many of us think that boiling potatoes is an easy task, let us tell you that it is also an art, that helps you get the right texture, which helps define the final look of your dish. This piece of information talks about the steps you need to follow while boiling potatoes and also the types of potatoes that are perfect for boiling. Find out more below: (Image: istock)

02/8​Prepare your potatoes

First of all, wash and scrub the potatoes using a brush or your hands to remove dirt, then rinse. If you want, you can peel the potatoes before boiling them. According to experts, leaving the peel on during the boiling process helps retain some of the vitamins and nutrients found in the peel. (Image: istock)

03/8​Cut in small pieces

Once you have washed the potatoes, cut them into cubes to speed up the boiling time. If the potatoes are very small in size, then avoid cutting them. (Image: istock)

04/8​Use large saucepan/cooker

Now, place the potatoes onto a saucepan or pressure cooker. Add enough water, so that the potatoes are completely soaked and then add 1 tsp salt to the water. Turn the stove on and keep the flame on high and allow the boil to boil. Reduce the flame to medium-low. Cover the lid and let them boil till they turn soft and tender. If you are using a pressure cooker, wait for 2-3 whistles. You can use a fork to check if potatoes are completely boiled or not. (Image: istock)

05/8​Drain and soak in cold water

Use a colander and drain all the water and then soak the potatoes in cold water for some time. This helps in peeling the skin easily. You can cover the boiled potatoes and refrigerate them for up to three days. (Image:istock)

06/8​How to boil potatoes in a microwave?

All you need to do is wash and scrub the potatoes, cut them into cubes then place them in a microwave-safe bowl. Add enough water, and a dash of salt. Cover the bowl with microwave-safe wrap, and make holes in it. Microwave for 5-7 minutes and your potatoes are ready. (Image: istock)

07/8​Best potatoes for boiling

According to experts, high starch potatoes are good for boiling, as once boiled, they are ideal for mashing. Medium starch potatoes like Yellow Finn and Yukon Gold have more moisture and are good for adding to soups and casseroles. And low starch potatoes, which are often called wax potatoes are perfect for salad and tossing, as they hold the shape better than all other varieties when boiled.(Image: istock)

08/8​Tips to keep in mind

While boiling potatoes in a cooker, always add a small slice of lemon/lime to avoid the darkening of base and sides of the cooker. (Image: istock)

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