Best treadmills with incline

One of the critical features of a good-quality comprehensive home treadmill is the incline. Not all treadmills come with this option, but it is a necessary facilitator of a good calorie burn, muscle toning, low-impact cardio, and more challenging workouts.

To help you find your perfect product in the overwhelming array of options, we’ve done the research for you and created a list of some of the best home treadmills with incline for home use.

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What to consider when buying an incline treadmill?

Here are the essentials when looking for a sturdy incline cardio treadmill:

Manual or auto incline?

Most commercial treadmills offer auto incline technology since it’s easier, more intuitive, and definitely practical. That said, treadmills with manual incline are usually more affordable.

It all depends on your preferences and price range – if you can overlook the more complicated adjustment, manual incline treadmills can be a more budget-friendly option.

What incline range do you need?

Most home-use treadmills offer around 10 – 25 % incline, which is more than enough for a high-intensity, muscle toning workout with challenging programs.

Before picking a model, think about your fitness goals – are you an avid runner, or are you just looking for long-distance walking and jogging? This will help you pick the incline level you actually need and not just what seems like a good bargain.

High incline treadmills

Cardio trainers with a 30-40% incline are an excellent choice for advanced runners who need to push themselves for results beyond basic home exercising. These professional-like treadmills belong to high-end gym equipment, but they don’t necessarily come with other requested features that a reliable treadmill should have.

Running area

For a comfortable stride and safe running, look for a running belt with at least 120 x 40 cm in length and width.

Taller runners should look for even larger tread belts (150 x 50 cm at least). All of the models in our list cover ample running space for various user sizes.

Weight capacity

Each model has a maximum weight capacity limit that you should never overlook. There should be at least 10 kg of extra weight between the user and the recommended weight.

Portability and storage

Due to frequent home-use limitations, an efficient home treadmill needs to be easy to move around, lift and assemble. All of our picks are foldable treadmills with transportation wheels for quick storage.

Best incline treadmills – Reviews

Here are our top-rated representatives of the best incline treadmills on the market:

DKN EzRun Treadmill

This all-in-one treadmill is a fantastic choice for those who want to work on weight loss and low-impact cardio workouts. With the auto incline option ranging from 0% to 12%, you can customize your workout difficulty with a push of a button and gradually work on your stamina and fitness.

The intuitive console measures all the necessary data and offers a whopping 15 pre-set programs approved by a certified trainer. With a 2-profile option, you can customize your data and have a better insight into your progress and stats.

The treadmill comes with an in-built Bluetooth receiver, meaning you can pair your machine with a compatible app or a device and utilize endless live workouts, music, etc.

Although attractive for beginners and long-distance runners, the DKN EzRun incline treadmill is no less of a master for speedrunning, with max. live speed control of 20 kph and maximum user weight of 130 kg.

Buyers are fascinated with this comprehensive treadmill’s practicality, price, and amazing performance and recommend it for low-impact cardio running and super fast calorie burn.


  • Excellent speed options: up to 20kph
  • Automatic incline
  • Pre-set workout programs
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Max. user weight: 130 kg


  • May not be advanced enough for more experienced runners

Available from: Sweatband / DKN

Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill

Under £1000, this is an ideal fully foldable treadmill with an incline that can be a perfect affordable addition to your home gym.

Since it offers 10 levels of incline, it’s suitable for more challenging walking, mild muscle toning, and calorie burn for those who want to work on weight loss.

Viavito Lunarun is praised for its intuitive console, and 3-quick keys incline control with handlebar speed control.

Thanks to its compact design and folding mechanism, you can utilize this treadmill in small spaces as it folds easily and can fit under a bed.

The easy-to-use monitor measures all the important metrics (heart rate, calorie burn, time, speed, incline, distance), and the console offers 9 to 12 pre-set workout programs. You can also create 2 different profiles with customized data and precise progress checking.

This treadmill comes with some cool accessories: a water bottle holder, MP3 port, speakers, and a media rack to add to the real-outdoor running experience.


  • Fully foldable and easy to store
  • Highly affordable
  • Excellent extra features
  • Easy and quick incline control
  • Up to 12 pre-set workouts


  • Low max. Weight capacity: 90 kg
  • Less useful for high-intensity running

Available from: Sweatband

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill

Another cost-effective option, the JLL T350, is an ideal balance between quality and price.

With this treadmill, professional performance meets home-friendly: 20 levels of incline (20% steep incline), up to 18 kph of speed, foldable and easily stored, with 20 amazing pre-set workouts.

The innovative cushioned ample running area was designed for both newbies who need low-impact, joint-saving walks and running enthusiasts who like to push their limits.

The large LCD console shows basic metrics, incline key, speed controls and is relatively easy to use and set.

The treadmill comes with a USB and AUX port, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-powered speakers to make your running sessions entertaining and always different.

This sturdy treadmill can withstand up to 120 kg of user weight, so it is suitable for taller and heavier users, those who want to work on their weight loss, and also for more intense high-pressure running.

Most satisfied buyers enjoy this treadmill because of the fantastic features for a great price, quality, and performance.


  • Highly affordable
  • 20 auto incline levels
  • Extra features: speakers, USB and AUX ports, etc.
  • Sturdy and heavy-duty
  • Intuitive console


  • Reported to produce loud noise (according to some buyers)

Available from: Amazon

Branx Fitness Foldable’ Elite Runner Pro’

This is a bit more expensive but also one of the most comprehensive treadmills on our list.

It offers 22 auto incline levels and comes with a powerful 6.5 HP motor, strong enough for frequent and high-intensity use.

The Branx Fitness model was designed to fit all the users running needs: it comes with an intuitive LCD monitor with basic metrics ( calorie burn, distance, incline, speed, time, heart rate), smart shock 10-point absorption system for safe and comfortable strides, 21 kph max. speed for high-flyers, and 160 kg weight capacity for basically any user size.

The treadmill also comes with built-in speakers and a Bluetooth wireless receiver for boosting motivation and upcycling your workouts.

The built-in wheels and soft-drop folding mechanism compensate for the product weight – the treadmill is easy and safe to move by a single person.

With fantastic warranty options (2 years for parts; 5 years for the motor), this treadmill is undoubtedly worth the investment.

For those who need a more budget-friendly model, a similar option with a slightly lower speed capacity (17.5 kph) and 20-level incline options is the Branx Fitness Foldable’ Cardio Pro’. For around £700, this model comes very close to its upgraded version.


  • Extremely durable and high-quality
  • 160 kg max. weight capacity
  • 22 auto incline levels (22% incline)
  • Soft-drop folding mechanism
  • 10-point absorption system


  • More expensive than same-range products
  • A bit bulky compared to similar products

Available from: Amazon

Proform Power 995i

This 12% automatic incline treadmill is a perfect option for runners attracted to the high-tech running experience, upgraded running workouts, and endless programs and training support options.

With a Bluetooth receiver, iPod and iFit compatibility (1-year iFit membership included), this treadmill enables access to an endless pre-set, trainer-approved workout library covering beginner needs and advanced running enthusiasts’ drive.

It also includes Google maps route access that takes you to any place and terrain you want and recreates nature-inspired running sessions as realistically as possible.

The treadmill is foldable and comes with transportation wheels for easy and quick storage.

The powerful, smooth-operating motor adheres to all the challenges and pressures, offering 22 kph of maximum speed.

This treadmill’s unique feature is the CoolAire workout fan that controls heating and keeps you comfortable and at full strength, minimizing temperature constraints and distractions.

For even better results, the PRO series offers similar amazing options such as the 2000 model with 15% incline. If you’re struggling with a limited budget, you can also consider the 10% incline Proform 525i.


  • iFit membership for endless workout library
  • Extra features: iPod compatibility, media rack, etc.
  • CoolAire workout integrated fan
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • 22 kph max. Speed


  • More expensive than similar options

Available from: Pro-Form Fitness

NordicTrack Commercial X9i

Finally, to make it in our list is this impressive, yet a little more budget-straining option with a whopping 40% incline (and – 6% decline).

NordicTrack Commercial X9i is suitable for high-achieving runners who need daily pushes and challenging options for maximum muscle toning, high-intensity cardio, and stamina-building workouts that mimic steep mountain climbing. On top of that, the treadmill is completely safe for runners with joint problems and low-impact workouts thanks to the advanced cushioning technology and impact-absorption system.

This high-end product is double the price than most products on our list. Still, for a good reason: it offers a 7-inch touchscreen monitor with iFit compatibility for a vast workout library with countless exercises, cross-training options, and more.

It provides access to live interactive training, Google maps routes for fun and stimulating running sessions, and advanced stat-tracking with several-profile options. It also features double-sided high-powered speakers.

 The treadmill can develop up to 20 kph – perfect for speed running and sprints.

All in all, if you’re willing to invest more and get heavy-duty professional gym equipment, the Nordictrack is the right choice for you.


  • Impressive incline: up to 40 %
  • Amazing extra features
  • Easy-to-use touch screen monitor
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy and hard-wearing: 135 kg max. weight


  • Not affordable for all users
  • More suitable for experienced treadmill users

Available from: NordicTrack


How many calories can you burn on an incline treadmill?

The bigger the incline, the more vigorous the calorie burn. On average, during a 30-minute treadmill walk, a person can burn around 150-200 calories depending on your weight, speed, etc. If you add only 5% incline, you can boost the cardio and burn up to 250 more calories.

Does incline treadmill build leg muscle?

 Yes. Steeper terrain means you need to engage more leg muscles and put in more strength to endure the training. Not only leg but also back and core muscles are highly engaged as the incline goes higher.

Is an incline treadmill better for knees?

Due to the more significant inclination angle, our steps on an incline treadmill are “softer” and less pressuring on the joints and knees. High-incline treadmill exercising is an effective low-impact physical activity that saves your ligaments and knees while providing a demanding, high-intensity fitness boosting.

What incline should I use on the treadmill?

Depending on your fitness level, goals, and health (issues), you can choose whether or not you need to use the incline option. In general, 10-15% incline is straining enough for most users to trigger rapid calorie burn, muscle toning, and get the heart pumping.

For more advanced users, more than 20% would be the standard, while complete newbies should start from 0 and slowly build up to steeper levels.

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