5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise with Music

Who said music is only for the dancers? If headphones and your favorite playlist are just as necessary in your workout routine as good sportswear – you’re not alone!

Most of us don’t want to exercise in silence. If you’ve ever wondered what the reasons are, many studies offer an actual explanation as to why music is such an essential part of physical activity.

In a moment, you’ll find out 5 reasons why music is so important during a workout. If you want to learn more, keep on reading!

You’ll work out harder

According to experts from Headphones Addict, music can positively influence your endurance during a workout. Multiple studies have shown that people who listen to music while engaging in repetitive, endurance activities perform better than those who work out in silence. Studies also show that music is a great distraction, as it shifts your attention away from the pain.

Researchers can’t pinpoint the exact reason for such a result. However, they believe that a good beat may have a metronome effect, which boosts their performance. Whenever you’re listening to your favorite tunes, you subconsciously try to get in sync. An energetic, upbeat track can really make your entire workout.

It’s motivating and keeps you going

Some marathon organizers have actually banned music during their running events, emphasizing the ability to hear the directions. However, some people see real reason elsewhere. Music can give you a competitive edge and help you get through the most difficult part of your workout – or a run. Unsurprisingly, many marathon runners protested against such drastic measures.

What’s more, many people claim that music helps them get started. It turns out that having a workout playlist can actually motivate you to get off your couch and out the door! When you have that groove going, your brain gets excited and encourages you to move. As such, you’ll be naturally inclined to work out, even if you dread it!

It will help you control your emotions

Sometimes the workout is so intense that it can actually make you feel stressed and anxious. A good beat will help you power through, motivating you to finish your set of exercises or keep running until you cover your desired distance.

Whenever you’re putting up a playlist, pay attention to what you feel while listening to the songs you want to choose. We all have songs that make us feel emotional and bring out memories. Your workout playlist should energize you and motivate you to push harder. However, it should also help calm you down if you’d like to reduce your hype at the end of your workout.

Music is a powerful tool; it can make or break your entire routine. Use it wisely, and you’ll love every minute of your exercise!

It makes the exercise fun

Most people who can’t imagine working out in silence claim that music makes them feel good. They claim that music makes their workout much more enjoyable and distracts them from the effort they have to put in to meet their fitness goals.

It turns out that music can naturally boost your happiness. It affects dopamine production, a neurotransmitter that works closely with your brain’s reward system and influences the way you feel pleasure. So while you work out, listening to music gives you a hit of dopamine, making you feel good.

At the same time, exercise increases your serotonin levels, which stabilize and elevate your mood. Combining these two neurotransmitters works wonders on your happy hormones and lets you enjoy your exercise more.

It improves coordination

You don’t have to be a professional dancer (or a dancer whatsoever) to move your body to your favorite tunes. Studies show that music encourages people to move rhythmically, regardless of their choice of exercise.

Additionally, research indicates that listening to music during exercise boosts your brain’s electrical activity, especially in the regions responsible for coordinating movements. No wonder aerobic or HIIT instructors emphasize the importance of a good beat – it makes their classes easier to follow, and science backs them up!

As you can see, music is not only for the dancers. Next time you go jogging or hit the gym, put your headphones in and turn on your favorite playlist. You’ll bust a move on a whole new level.

The Bottom Line

Music on its own won’t make you go beyond your physical limitations, and a painful workout will remain painful nonetheless. However, it can support your exercise routine, keeping you company as you do your thing. Listening to your favorite songs that get you in the mood every time you put your headphones on can transform a boring run or gym session into something you’re actually looking forward to. As such, consider making music an integral part of your workout routine.

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Julia Lysakowska is a freelance writer and a healthy lifestyle enthusiast. She enjoys doing HIIT workout sessions and frequently attends yoga workshops. She always has her trusty headphones and a cool playlist whenever she’s writing or working out.

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