Can you guess what Nick Jonas’ cheat meal looks like?

01/6Nick Jonas’ cheat meal will leave you drooling

Nick Jonas’ cheat meal is going to make you cheat your diet plans everyday! Yes, this may sound surprising, but can you imagine gorging on a delicious cheesy pizza as your cheat day meal.

American music sensation, Nick Jonas left his fans drooling when he shared a glimpse of his cheat day meal. The power couple Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been an inspiration for netizens, their love for food and fitness have always been the talk of the town.

The couple leaves no stone unturned to share their diet secrets to fitness tips with their fans. While our “desi girl” loves typical Punjabi food, Nick Jonas too expressed his love for authentic Indian food, but when it comes fitness Priyanka Chopra Jonas avoids oily food and her diet revolves around fruits and veggies, but Nick Jonas took diet and fitness to a different level, which left netizens drooling when he expressed his love for delicious and healthy-style pizzas.

02/6​How to make Pizza healthy?

If you too are drooling over Nick Jonas cheat day pizza? Then we have some easy tips and tricks to make your homemade pizza super easy and healthy.

03/6​Choose your crust wisely

If you want to enjoy a delicious pizza without feeling guilty, then make sure you go for a healthy gluten-free or multigrain crust. However, if you are preparing your pizza at home, you can also knead a simple dough using oats flour, ragi flour or multigrain flour to make your pizza base healthy.

04/6​Go for low fat cheese

Cheese is undeniably the most alluring thing about any pizza, but if you want to eat pizza without adding on many calories, then go for healthy and low fat cheese alternatives like crumbled cottage cheese, feta or mozzarella, which are low in fats and do not spike your cholesterol levels.

05/6​Add healthy toppings

Yes, the key to making your pizza super healthy is by loading it up with healthy veggies, lean meats and fresh herbs. Not only adding more toppings makes your pizza healthy and nutritious, but at the same time it gives your pizza a delicious taste and keeps you satiated for a longer duration of time, which helps in curbing odd hunger pangs.

06/6​Cheat day pizzas you can make everyday!

The love of pizzas is beyond words so much so that if you can make it in a healthy way, this can be the best treat for your palate. There are so many ways to enjoy quick and healthy pizzas everyday. From your roti to breads to tortillas, you can just toast them as a crust and spread a layer of homemade pizza sauce or ketchup and add some fresh veggies, herbs, oregano and chili flakes and top with a low fat cheese, bake in an oven or a pan and you can enjoy freshly made pizzas everyday!

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