Why Sweet Potato Toast Should Be the New Avocado Toast

Some of us are gluten-free. Some of us are gluten-aware. Some of us just like to switch things up. All of us, though, could probably use a little more toast in our lives. Which is why we'd like to introduce you to the best gluten-free breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) you haven't had yet: sweet potato toast. Sweet pota-toast, if you will.

Yes, Merriam-Webster defines "toast" as "sliced bread browned on both sides by heat" or, alternatively, as "food prepared with toasted bread." And there's, er, no bread here. We've replaced it with thick-cut slabs of roasted sweet potato. That's right: We've replaced your beloved bread with vegetables.


Blasphemy or brilliant? Look, we're not hating on bread-we love the stuff. But if we can sneak in a little extra fiber and beta-carotene without sacrificing all the good stuff that goes on top of the bread… well, we're going to try. This is no swipe-of-butter-and-go situation. These colorful toasts are miniature works of art. We've got sweet (almond butter, berries, and coconut). We've got savory (hard-cooked eggs and sautéed greens, or a hummus-and-crudité toast that would make your afternoon snack jealous). We've even found a way to combine it with the former reigning head of the healthy-toast universe: avocado toast, topping it off with tomatoes and some roasted sesame seeds for crunch.

Ready to get on board? Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and roast up some toasts for the week. Try a different topping every day, or mix and match them in one meal. Go wild! This is the age of the sweet pota-toast. Don't think. Just do. And, if you're caught in a bread romance and would prefer to try out these combos on your favorite hearty multigrain instead, our lips are sealed. Unless you offer us a bite. Then, no promises.

Get the Sweet Potato Toasts Four Ways Recipe

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