Sweat Together, Stay Together – 12 Workout Ideas Perfect For Couples

Things are more fun if you do them with someone else – especially if that someone is your significant other or your best friend. So, how about doing couple workouts? Just imagine spending a little extra time with that special someone and building your body at the same time. These 17 workout ideas are perfect for spending quality and interactive time together. Keep in mind that before every workout, whether alone or in company, nutrition is a fundamental component. Finding good health supplements at good prices can be hard, so if you’re looking for some great deals, Plusvouchercode is an excellent place to start!

1. Kneeling Partner Twist

The partner twist is an easy way to start off an intense couple workout. All you have to do is kneel on your knees with your backs facing each other. One partner holds a small dumbbell/ball that they pass on to the partner by twisting in one direction. The partner takes hold of the dumbbell/ball and passes it back from the other direction. It’s easy, simple, and totally effective.

2. Partner Plank

Ab exercises are a must if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the Plank is one of the best routines you can carry out with a partner. The ratio of straightness of the body and maintaining this posture for the recommended few minutes is better done when there is someone beside you for constant motivation. You’ll feel the burn in your core, for sure.

3. V-sit and Pass

Another pragmatic exercise to get your core in shape, the V-sit and pass require both you and your partner to sit face-forward with knees bent. One partner can hold a medicine ball to the chest, lean back, rotate to both sides, then throw the ball to the partner. The same process is repeated by the partner, and the ball is exchanged again.

4. Partner Jump-Squat High Fives

In this exercise, both partners face each other standing up, arms outstretched in the typical squat position. Then both of them simultaneously squat, then jump up while high-fiving. Repeat the process a number of times until you feel that burn inside your core and the back of your legs – you’ll instantly know you’ve done it right.

5. Split Lunge

This leg exercise will have you strengthening up your thigh muscles nicely. You can start by facing your partner while standing up. Stretch your arms out and hold them steadily, then bend slowly in the lunge position simultaneously while keeping the right leg at 90 degrees. Stand up, and repeat the process by keeping the left leg 90 degrees. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times by alternating each leg.

6. Inchworm Hand Tap

This partner exercise builds up coordination as well as your thighs and core. Stand up straight facing your partner with at least 6-7 feet of space between you. Then simultaneously bend your upper body, lean your hands on the floor, and inch towards each other on all fours until you’re in the push-up position. Tap both of your hands in a quick clap, and move to the initial position again.

7. Partner Leg Slams

The partner leg slams help workout the back as well as the thigh muscles. To start off this exercise, one partner lies down on the mat while the other partner stands behind their head, legs shoulder-width apart. The partner on the floor grabs their ankles, then swing their legs upright in a 90-degree angle. The standing partner then slams their legs back down. Repeat the process 10-15 times, and then take turns with the other partner to lie down.

8. High-five Push-ups

Push-ups are a universally popular exercise for everyone who wants to stay healthy. It engages the core and leg muscles while helping build-up the arms as well. Now you can recreate this particular exercise with your partner by stepping it up a notch. Each time you push up from the floor, you high-five your partner and pull down again.

9. Partner Sit-ups

This simple but effective exercise helps engage the core, and sculpt the abs at the same time. It requires one partner to lie down with their hands clasped while the other partner holds their feet still to the ground. Then the partner lying on the floor sit up and lie back down without using their arms, thus utilizing the power of their ab muscles. Repeat the process by holding down the other partner’s legs for them!

10. Partner Bicycle Crunches

The bicycle workout lets you exercise your core and leg muscles at the same time. You can make it a fun activity by sharing this routine with your partner. You can start by lying down on the mat, feet-facing each other. Then put your hands behind your head and rise up just a few inches from the ground. Match your feet with your partners and start moving your legs as if you’re paddling a bicycle.

11. Partner Glute Bridges

Glute bridges help strengthen the back, thigh, and calf muscles. They can be quite boring, but you can turn this exercise into a fun time with your partner. Both partners should lie down feet forward, then match their feet, and hold their lower body up with the power of their ab muscles. Hold the pose for as long as possible to retain maximum core strength.

12. Couple Triceps Dip

The triceps dip exercise is perfect for strengthening your arms and core at the same time. You can carry this one out by using your partner’s thighs as the push-up surface for your arms. Just situate yourself between your partner’s legs, while they hold the sitting-squat position against a table or chair. Then you can dip and lift at the same time, enhancing the quality of this particular strength exercise two-fold.

All of these couple workouts will help you spend some quality time with your partner while keeping your body in good shape at the same time. However, it’s not just the exercising that’s important – you also need to keep a check on your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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