Rainy-day snacks? Try handvo and turmeric latte for a change

Rev up the cool monsoon days with interesting savouriesThere’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting at home by the window, looking at the rain while sipping on some tea and tucking into piping hot and crispy pakoras or bhajiyas. There are a lot of other snacks and beverages you could try, too.

Says Mumbai-based consultant chef Ritesh Tulsian, “A hot bowl of soup is the best option and it’s so nutritious as well. Make a thinner version of soup instead of a thicker broth. The Indian rassam or the Japanese ramen bowl works well here. Hot steaming momos can also be made at home in an idli steamer. Handvo and dhoklas, Gujarati specialties are other tasty options for the season. And for those who don’t like tea or coffee, turmeric latte makes for a good alternative.”

Prepare your masala blend

Tea expert Radhika Batra Shah says there are quite a few herbs and spices from your own kitchen that can go into preparing a good, uplifting masala chai. She shares, “My grandmother always said, use our traditional spices such as cloves, cinnamon or aniseed, so my first cup is always with these. The next step would be to add mint leaves, lemongrass and grated ginger for that extra zing. A pinch of turmeric will make it anti-inflammatory and for better digestion, go with lemongrass and mint. An evening cup of tea is nicer with rosemary, thyme and sage. So, there’s a lot that can make your chai interesting.”

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