Top Tips to Reduce Your Belly Fat

by Allen Brown

Getting rid of those belly fats could be one of the hardest parts of one’s weight loss journey. Nevertheless, you should still do everything you can to reduce your belly fat as it can have a negative impact on your health. Having excess belly fats can be dangerous to your health as it can be a contributory factor to many health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and cancer.

A bulging belly due to excess fat can also lower one’s self-esteem so it is important to find ways on how to say goodbye to this increasing midsection. Imagine fitting in your favourite dress and feel beautiful in it, who wouldn’t want that? This article will help you get there by showing you the top tips on how to reduce your belly fat.

1. Consume more fibre

Fibre is important for healthy digestion as it helps to prevent constipation and normalizes bowel movements.

Once ingested, fibre forms into a gel helping foods to slowly pass through the digestive system.

Experts claim that fibre promotes weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer which results in you eating less food.

Fibres can also reduce the absorbed calorie content from food.

A study with 1,114 adult respondents showed that increased consumption of fibre-rich foods leads to a reduction of visceral fats. Therefore, it would be a wise choice to eat high fibre foods each day.  Whole-grain bread, berries, carrots, nuts and legumes are some of the foods with fibre-rich content.

2. Perform exercises regularly

It is a must to burn calories in order to lose belly fat too. You can try different exercises to get rid of that extra weight fast. One of them to consider is interval training. This type of exercise is good for reducing belly fat because you burst out small hardcore exercises combined with low-intensity routines. For example, if you do 10-minute swimming, you may exercise your normal routine for the first 9 minutes and then in the last minute, you burst out 90% of pure hard work. Then do this again and again.

You may also want to consider indoor cycling or spinning. It is one of the trendiest exercises in the U.S. nowadays as it helps you burn fat without the need to leave the premises of your home. You also have a big choice of spin bikes available on the market with many of them for sale on the internet (if you want to buy high-quality spin bikes, you might want to check out this website They have listed the best quality spin bikes which can be your perfect tool for getting rid of that annoying belly fat).

3. Get enough rest

Rest and sleep are essential for our overall health. Sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of excess weight.

A 16-year long study with 68,000 females as respondents showed that those who have slept less than 5 hrs every night had gained significantly more weight than those who have slept for 7 hrs or more every night.

Sleep apnea was also found to contribute to increased visceral fats around vital and delicate organs too. Increased visceral fats might pose dangers to health especially to your organs such as pancreas and liver. If you have this condition or other sleeping disorders do not hesitate to consult a doctor to get treated.

Remember that when we talk about losing fat, skimping on calories is fine. But, skimping on sleep is definitely not good. Ensuring that you get sufficient quality rest should be one of your main priorities especially when you are trying to lose those excess pounds.

4. Say no to alcohol

What you are drinking is just as vital as what you are eating. Occasional drinking might be tolerable but if you want to reduce your belly fat then you better stay away from being alcohol dependent.

Heavy beer drinkers usually tend to have a pear shape appearance developed over time. They’ve got belly fat and man boobs. It doesn’t look appealing at all. Too much alcohol can also put pressure on your liver. It stresses the liver due to overworking and clearing up toxins brought about by regular alcohol consumption. For this reason, toning your muscles might become even more difficult.

5. Avoid starvation

Skipping meals and starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight. It can even lower your body’s capability to lose that stubborn belly fat. Some people think that consuming fewer calories by skipping meals can help accelerate weight loss. However, skipping meals will only make you go hungrier. Thus your body will send signals that it needs more food to accommodate this hunger. You will crave more foods. In turn, you’ll also find yourself eating more while also gaining weight. So, better stop skipping meals and just learn how to eat smarter.


There are no instant and magical methods for losing adamant belly fats. Weight loss needs commitment, effort, and perseverance. Plus using these top tips listed above will surely help you achieve your health goals too.

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