5 Ways to Conquer the Post-Honeymoon Blues

Most couples expect to feel refreshed and rejuvenated after returning from their honeymoon. With the tediously stressful tasks of wedding planning behind them, they're finally free enjoy the first few weeks of married life together. But, sometimes, the end of the vacation doesn't bring those expected feelings of happiness, and the couple may fall victim to the post-honeymoon blues.

After getting engaged, a bride and groom will spend much of their free time planning their ceremony and reception. Daily life starts to revolve around party planning, attending exciting events, and talking about the wedding with family and friends. One the wedding day finally comes and goes, the couple jets off to their beautiful honeymoon destination for a much-needed vacation. The end of the honeymoon signifies the end of the wedding activities; a couple returns to their normal routine, which may seem monotonous when compared to the exciting times of wedding planning. Feelings of sadness, boredom, emptiness, and fatigue may become commonplace. Here, learn how to recover fast.


Make Exciting Post-Honeymoon Plans

To prevent boredom from surfacing, plan a few fun events in the days following the honeymoon. Whether you decide to embark on a romantic day trip with your new husband or enroll in a cooking class with your sister, the activity will give you something to look forward to.

Change Your Typical Routine

Reverting to your pre-engagement routine may make you feel empty, since you're no longer diverting chunks of time to wedding planning. Try filling your newfound free time with hobbies and activities. There's never been a better time to explore neighborhood hotspots with your husband, tackle your long list of books to read, or learn how to knit. Delving into your passions should help conquer the "What now?" feeling that brides may get after the honeymoon.

Allow Yourself to Adjust

After returning from your vacation, you may be tempted to dive straight into your unread work emails and uncompleted projects. But instead of overwhelming yourself with stressful tasks, try taking a few days to adjust to married life with your husband-either by taking an extra vacation day for lounging at home or returning from your honeymoon on a weekend.

Dive Into Post-Wedding Tasks

If you're craving the productivity of planning, devote some time to completing necessary post-wedding tasks. This includes changing your name on legal documents, writing thank-you notes, and sifting through your collection of gifts. Not only will these duties keep you busy, they'll also kickstart your new life as a married woman-hopefully demonstrating that the post-wedding phase can be just as fun as the pre-wedding phase.

Focus on Your Relationship

If you're struggling with post-honeymoon blues, realize that you're not alone. Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, try talking to your husband about your feelings; he might be experiencing the same emotions as well. Then you can work together to create a happy and fulfilling life as married couple.

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