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I don’t normally have issues falling asleep, only occasionally my thoughts take over and stop me from falling asleep quickly. Sometimes, after a more eventful and stressful day, the struggle to fall asleep is more real, but what really messes up my sleep is waking up throughout the night several times. Luckily, this doesn’t happen very often but I know some people constantly struggle with their sleep, in one way or another. This affects their physical health, mental health and cognitive performance and focus. So I was very pleased when I discovered a natural supplement that deals with two of the common issues people face at night: falling asleep and staying asleep.

Most of the natural sleep supplements you find on the market only help with one aspect of sleep, for example, many sleep herbs help you fall asleep quicker but they don’t necessarily help you stay asleep. Or, they may help you improve your deep sleep but this type of remedies take longer to work and it may take weeks before you see any effects.

Vedic Essentials GoodNight supplement is a natural sleep aid that is effective pretty quickly. You may not notice much difference when you take it for the first time but after a few days or so, you are likely to see an improvement. Although, it may take up to a week before this supplement works for you (it really depends on an individual and how they respond to the ingredients).

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with Vedic Essentials who sent me a GoodNight supplement to test and review on my blog. All views and opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

The GoodNight supplement contains a blend of natural ingredients that will help you both, fall asleep quicker and support your deep sleep so you don’t wake up during the night often.

Here are its key ingredients and their properties:

  • Chamomile – a well-know herb that works as a sedative for the nervous system.
  • Ashwagandha – an Aryuvedic herb that helps to regulate the sleep cycle. It doesn’t make you sleepy but it does help you sleep better if you take it consistently every day. It’s a powerful adaptogen that also helps to reduce anxiety and chronic stress.
  • Reishi mushroom – a medicinal mushroom that helps to improve the immune system and it’s also used for helping stress, anxiety, and depression. It may also help sleep due to its calming effects.
  • Schisandra berry extract – these purple-red berries have been used for medicinal purposes for generations in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have an anti-depressant effect and help the body resist the effects of anxiety and stress. The berry balances the hormones naturally and reduces the “stress hormones” such as cortisol. It also has calming properties and has been used traditionally for dream-disturbed sleep.
  • Maca – considered as an adaptogen, this Peruvian root has been respected for its medicinal properties for thousands of years in the ancient Incan culture. It’s often used to increase energy levels but it has other benefits as well and may benefit sleep due to its soothing adaptogenic effect and balancing hormonal impact.
  • Hops – a natural sedative that calms your nervous system down.
  • Griffonia extract (5-HTP) – Griffonia seeds contain a natural form of 5-HTP, an amino acid that helps to increase serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a chemical that helps to stabilize our mood, reduce depression and regulate anxiety. It is also responsible for stimulating the parts of the brain that control sleep and waking.

In addition to the above, GoodNight also contains the following minerals and vitamins:

  • Magnesium – helps your body and brain to relax by activating neurotransmitters that are responsible for calming the body and the mind.
  • Vitamin B6 – it has a critical role in brain chemistry, in the manufacture of all amino acid neurotransmitters. It also helps metabolize and transport selenium.
  • Selenium – a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress. If you are deficient you may experience abnormal sleeping patterns.
  • Inositol – can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, including serotonin.

The GoodNight capsules are vegetarian and the product is also suitable for vegans. The supplement is made in the UK and manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) procedures and regulations.

Three of the ingredients are sourced from Asia (Ashwagandha, Maca & Reishi) while the other ingredients are sourced from the EU.

To ensure the purity of the ingredients, the founders do independent analysis on all the individual ingredients. The certificate of analysis is available on request.

About Vedic Essentials brand

Vedic Essentials is a new brand on the market with a focus on living a healthier life by using natural and herbal remedies based on Ayurvedic principles.

Their passion is to promote the millennia-old art of Ayurveda in combination with more modern approaches to health. They want to help people gain back control of their health and well-being so that they can focus on achieving their life goals.

The GoodNight sleep supplement is their first product which is being successfully sold on Amazon at the moment.

Vedic Essentials GoodNight supplement – Review

I don’t normally struggle with sleep but my partner does so I gave the GoodNight capsules to him to test to see whether they do anything for him. I also decided to test them myself, later on, to see what effect they would have on me. So here is how we got on…

When it comes to sleep, my partner doesn’t have a routine and goes to bed at all kind of hours. Sometimes he stays up late watching some silly YouTube videos or does something else that stops him from going to bed at a decent time. When he does come to bed, many times he struggles to sleep because of thoughts racing through his mind. He can be a bit restless as well. So it’s very normal for him not to get enough sleep and sometimes he comes from work so tired that he would take a nap in the evening at some point. This, of course, is not great and it affects his sleep at night.

Since he’s been taking Vedic Essentials sleep aid supplement, things have certainly improved. The supplement started working on him very quickly. The first week he was taking it he said it knocked him out and he was going to bed really early (for him), around 10 pm or even earlier. It seems that the natural sedatives in this supplement worked very well on him. But then he had to stop taking this supplement because he went on painkillers due to his back problems. We realised it’s better to have a pause as we don’t know how painkillers would interact with the supplement (or the other way around).

After a bit of break, he started taking the GoodNight supplement again. His sleep routine is still not in order but I have no doubts this is helping him sleep better.

I’ve noticed he goes to sleep much quicker now and is a little bit more relaxed in the evening. Also if he stays up a little bit late, he would not be awake at 1 am or 2 am which is something that was common occurrence before. I think these days he is probably asleep by midnight, normally much earlier.

The good thing is that I haven’t heard the words “I can’t sleep” for a long time now. I am really pleased with how this supplement is working for him and I am really interested to see the state of his sleep after a few more weeks.

I’ve also decided to try the GoodNight sleep aid myself to see whether it really has an effect that my partner has mentioned. I can confirm that it does work – when I take it I fall asleep much quicker.

I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and I’ve also noticed other positive effects. If I wake up during the night or early morning, it’s much easier for me to fall back asleep than before. It certainly does what it’s supposed to do.

Is there any side effects?

I have personally not noticed any side effects on myself or my partner but if you are taking some kind of medication or even painkillers you have to be careful. It’s not clear how natural ingredients would interact with any of these, so it’s better not to use this supplement when taking medications. If you are not sure, speak to your GP. Also note, this product is not suitable for children and it’s not advised to be taken by pregnant or lactating women.

Vedic Essentials GoodNight – PROS

  • vegetarian & vegan
  • non-drowsy formula
  • contains no fillers or additives
  • gluten-free
  • GMO-free
  • manufactured in the UK to GMP certified standards
  • good value for money
  • helps you fall asleep quicker and improves deep sleep
  • ingredients tested for their purity (certificate of analysis available on request)

Vedic Essentials GoodNight – CONS

  • may not work for everybody in the same way (some people may need more time before they see the effects)
  • not certified organic

The final verdict

All in all, if you struggle with sleep and would like to improve your sleep cycles naturally I do recommend you try Vedic Essentials GoodNight sleep aid. It did work for us (me and my partner) and it’s very likely it will work for you as well.

I do have confidence in this product but if you want to maximise its effects make sure you also take other actions to improve your sleep such as avoiding caffeine after 2 pm and trying to go to bed at the same time every day.

If you want to try Vedic Essentials GoodNight I have arranged a special discount code for my readers so you can get 20% off with a code BHEALTHYN20 (valid until 31.07.19). You can buy it directly on Amazon here >.

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