See Green: The Color Scientifically Proven to Bring Health and Happiness

Green can really bring a home to life. Just take this dining room setting: The wall is painted a dramatic forest shade of green. The table is set with leaf-printed dishware alongside an array of glass decanters and tumblers, some of which are left empty and others that showcase minimal arrangements of white carnations, leafy fronds, chrysanthemums, and tulips. The entire mood is vibrant and full of life.

a100194_0903_allgreenfar.jpg Credit: Bill Batten

There are so many shades of green that you can really have fun with it. Take a closer look at this entry hall: A wide spectrum of shades can be found in this single space. Three different tones of matte paint accentuate the wall paneling alone. More can be found in the decorative elements: the hanging lamp, collected glassware, mirror, and overflowing houseplant. But since it's all the same color, it feels whole. Step into a home like this one, and you'll immediate unwind.


Green has been proven to aid concentration and foster creativity, making it perfect for decorating your home office, study, or crafts room, as Martha has done in the attic-turned-crafting space of her Bedford home. This workspace not only uses green, but it calls in the two colors that make up green — yellow (in the warm golden tones of the rug as well as the bright lemon tones of the desktop accessories including the dishware and lamp) and blue (in the abstract wall art). Together, these three colors work in compatibility, and the look is oh-so light and tranquil.


Don't be afraid to be dramatic. Green pairs well with rich earth tones. In this guest bath, a collection of opaline glassware is luminescent against the black-painted wood. And it results in quite the statement.


Similarly, consider this traditional dining room. The shamrock green found in the platters and seat cushions are enhanced by the darkness of the furniture and accents. A bowl of fresh ferns in a subtle change of hue can keep the room from feeling too matchy-matchy.


Your green thumb can sprout a greener home. Turn your garden inside out by bringing in the colorful blooms and leafy plants of the season. We designed this statement wall by planting leafy ferns in white pots and placing them atop bright yellow brackets.


The same indoor garden idea on a smaller scale: A windowside table is decorated with an array of antique honey jars that hold blossoms of honeysuckle. This is what we like to call an effortlessly pristine presentation.

green-crudite-vegetable-with-dip-462-d111686.jpg Credit: Aaron Dyer

And of course, the best place to see green is on your plate. This platter of lightly blanched asparagus, cauliflower, snap peas, and celery offers a gorgeous gradient of green. Just don't forget the green goddess dip.

The idea is to keep your palette lusciously, vibrantly green. Incorporate the color into unexpected details. Think: a thriving terrarium table, jasperware ornaments, lush wallpaper, even paper flowers or a pair of stenciled pillows you made yourself. A green home really is like taking a breath of fresh air.

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