Common Mentalities that Prevent You From Losing Weight

Many people feel that they could do better in terms of their health and body weight so they try to reach their goals but they are often unsuccessful. It’s like something is stopping them from achieving their health goals. In many cases, it’s simply their mentality that is stopping them. This plays a big part in weight loss and for this reason, here we decided to share some of the common mentalities that you may have and how to beat them.

What will my partner think of me?

Sometimes, people are afraid to work out because they fear their partner may not like them anymore. This is certainly not a healthy attitude to have and if you have these concerns, you may need marriage advice if it’s a legitimate issue. Or, alternatively, work on yourself and realize that your partner loves you for who you are and you should realize that if you want to make this change, a good partner will support you and help you overcome any obstacles.

I can’t lose weight though!

Another misconception. Do you think you can’t lose weight? Of course, you can, anyone can (excluding those with medical issues), you just need to make some effort and consistently follow proven weight loss strategies. You don’t even have to go on a diet, just slowly make some lifestyle changes over time and before you know it, the weight will start coming off.

If you are struggling to lose belly fat, there are many tips online to help you with this aspect of weight loss.

You also have to realize that it does take time to lose weight and sometimes the journey may take a little bit longer than anticipated.

I don’t have money for supplements!

Here’s the truth: most supplements aren’t necessary unless you’re using a pre-workout supplement, which in that case, you should get one that works for you. But, you should realize that those fat loss teas, those fake waist shapers and the like are all just bunk, used to make us all feel better about ourselves.

If you feel like you have to spend money on supplements to lose weight, actually you don’t need to. Instead, you should regularly exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep and reduce your stress levels.  This will definitely improve your mindset, and if you’ve been struggling to lose weight because of this, then chances are, that might be what’s holding you back.

I’m afraid people will look at me!

The truth is, everyone is at the gym or fitness centre for different reasons. People don’t care, so get rid of that mentality before you work out. If you’re worried that people may be looking at you, don’t focus on them, focus on yourself.  You’re not some show pony that others are watching like a hawk, but instead, you’re a human being that is working towards improving their body and their life. It will make a big difference if you adopt that mindset. Plus, if people are looking at you, they’re not focusing on their own gains, so if you notice it, you can always say that.

I have no time!

This is a common misconception lots of people have.  You do have time, you’ve just got to make it.  This may mean going to the gym after work, or even early in the morning. You may also do some exercises during your lunch hour or choose to walk or cycle to work. There are many ways of incorporating exercise into your busy lifestyle, you just have to get started.

But I have kids!

Yes, having kids means that your life is more hectic but it doesn’t mean it will make it impossible for you to lose weight.

It’s a good idea you get active with your kids so instead of watching them running around and playing, get involved! You can do lots of fun activities together such as playing table tennis, football or you can go swimming together.

Getting your children to be active also builds some good habits for them too, and it can ultimately help them get in shape and develop fitness habits too. That is why for parents, it can be essential to do this, and it can ultimately help you if you feel like you’re not doing enough when it comes to working out.

Working out is boring!

Ahh, the old “I don’t like working out because I think all working out is boring.” Sure, cardio may not be the most fun exercise out there, but working out doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, there are so many different ways to work out, and if you have the mindset that it’s going to be “boring” the entire time, you’re going to think it’s never fun.

There are fun workout alternatives, including Zumba, fitness classes, swimming, and the like. Health centres have a lot of fun little classes you can take, many of which are included in your membership.  Challenging yourself too is a great way to make workouts a little less “boring” and a little more fun.

If you think there aren’t any fun activities to try when working out, think again. The classes that you see on websites or at the fitness centres are there for a reason. And while it might be hard to stick with it initially, once you get used to it, you’ll be so much happier.

With these excuses out of the way, there is no reason to hold back. Once you overcome these excuses and start taking action you will not only develop a healthier mindset but you will also start losing weight.

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