Viral: In the country of Papad ki Subzee, Netizens find Potato Chips Curry gross

If you thought Maggi Golgappa or Strawberry Biryani were the weirdest delicacies you ever came across, then brace yourself for bizarre Aloo Chips Curry which has taken internet by storm.

Potato chips are an all time favourite, right from spicing up your bland boring evenings to adding soul to our binge watching experiences and get togethers, but can you imagine your favourite chips floating in a curry?

Recently a viral picture of Aloo Chips curry created by a blogger, Kolkata Trotters took the internet by storm and left netizens furious for this culinary blasphemy!

While most Twitteratis were disappointed with this strange potato chips curry, a user @Gabbarsingh expressed his disgust for the dish in a unique way hilarious way by tweeting “Minimum 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for this confession of Murder’’

But do you think, a country which takes pride over its Papad ki Subzee, reacted way too much over chips curry? Tell us your views in the comment section below.

Images: Blogger handle

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