5 magic wonders that Lemon does to your body

01/5Magical ways lemon can heal your body!

Lemon is a magic ingredient for your body and this fact is no longer a secret. It has so many health properties due to the presence of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and some B vitamins as well. Some people use lemon as a DIY ingredient while others use it for culinary purposes. Either way lemon is a versatile ingredient, it just fits everywhere. It has a sour taste but adds a great flavour when used in making watermelon mojito. It’s time to explore all of the health benefits it offers to the human body.

02/5Helps in the digestion process

Has someone ever suggested you to drink lemon water in the morning time? Well, most people drink lemon water as soon as they wake up because it helps in the digestion process. It breaks down the food at a slower rate which helps our body to absorb more nutrients. Also, the digestive fluids present in your stomach have the same acid level as a lemon. This helps your food to move smoothly and with ease through your digestive system. Ultimately, it helps in constipation or other digestion-related issues.

03/5​Strengthens the immune system

Lemon has anti-inflammatory properties that encourage strong respiratory health. It has Vitamin C and potassium which strengthen the immune system and protects your brain from cellular damage.

Also, it has anti-bacterial properties as it contains saponins which help to fight off flu and cold viruses.

04/5Defends your body against free radicals

Free radicals are enemies of your body in the true sense because they are one of the causative factors for aging. They may promote the development of cancer and cell death due to the oxidative damage they impose on the human body.

Now, Vitamin C being one of the antioxidants present in lemons helps to ward off these free radicals and prevents cellular mutation. It also helps your body to heal faster and prevents wrinkles. Lemon helps to keep the younger look intact on your skin.

05/5​Revives your healthy internal pH

Lemon is acidic in nature but when you eat/ swallow it, the acids present in it gets broken down. It alkalizes your blood by releasing a combination of minerals into your digestive system.

You are more prone to disease if your blood is more acidic in nature. Lemon on the other hand lowers the risk of catching a disease or illness. So, it’s advised to have a lemon every day.

Lemons can be an addition to your favourite chaat or smoothie. It offers multiple health benefits and can be consumed in liquid or solid form. Add lemons to your diet and witness the magic it does to your body.

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