7 Amazing Anti-Stress Services To Take The Edge Off 2020

Whether it’s the worldwide health pandemic or the constant threat of global warming, we’ve been under a bit of stress lately. It isn’t just this year, either. Statistics from 2018 – a time when the world was, arguably, a much easier place – showed that a huge 74 per cent of us felt so stressed we were overwhelmed and unable to cope, while other research by mental health charity Mind suggested that work was largely to blame. If it was bad then, it’s surely worse now.

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Small amounts of stress can be useful but when it becomes chronic and we are permanently in a state of fight or flight, our bodies become constantly tense; insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety abound; and heightened blood pressure, a lack of sexual desire and impaired digestive processes within the body become the norm. It’s safe to say that keeping stress levels low is key to our wellbeing now and in the future. Don’t know where to start? Below, find Vogue’s edit of the best anti-stress services to help you.

Ross Barr, Acupuncturist and women’s health expert

Specialising in Five Element Acupuncture – an ancient part of traditional Chinese medicine which works on the theory that the mind, body and spirit are made up of five elements or energies (from wood and fire to earth, metal and water) that need to be balanced for our wellbeing. Brilliant for treating stress, which is in itself an imbalance, Barr tailors each treatment to his client’s needs and his roster of high-profile clients is proof of his knack for gently treating all manner of emotional issues.


Jane Haynes, Psychotherapist

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, which is why therapy can do wonders for chronically stressed minds. Psychotherapist Jane Haynes comes highly recommended by a number of those in the know and takes special interest in relationship and gender issues, as well as the psychology of infertility and postnatal depression.


Richie Bostock, Breath coach

It might sound simple but harnessing the power of your breath can quickly help to take down stress and anxiety. Richie Bostock (@Thebreathguy on Instagram) is a breath coach who offers workshops and IRL guidance when there isn’t a pandemic afoot. While there is, look to his app, Flourish, for guided breath work sessions to take you through a number of highly effective breathing exercises. He calls it “free medicine” and taking it will help dissipate any stress, tension or worries you have.


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Ada Ooi, Facialist

Utilising her expertise in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Ada Ooi is more than just a great skin maker, she also knows exactly how to calm your mind. From gua sha and cranial sacral therapy to aromacology and acupuncture, a 90-minute treatment with her leaves skin happy and the body tension-free.


Emma Lucy Knowles, Crystal healer and clairvoyant

An expert in all things healing, Emma Lucy Knowles is best known for her work with crystals, which she uses to tap into the body’s vibrations and cleanse mind, body and spirit. Trust us, it works.


Recovery Support IV Drip, Elixir Clinic at Harrods

When the body is spent and in need of some recharging, intravenous nutrient therapy can help. The Elixir Clinic is internationally renowned and, at its space in Harrods, offers an array of scientifically proven (and safe) infusions to help boost health. Our pick is the Recovery Support.


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Rosemary Ferguson, Nutritionist

Diet is important in the quest for a stress-free existence – the more sugar and junk we eat, the more stressed we are likely to be. Nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson’s 5 Day Plan is designed to reduce inflammation and consists of healthy and delicious juices, shakes, soups and meals with a number of supplements, including probiotics. Start on a Monday and you’ll feel fresh by Friday.


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