How Meditation Helps to Lose Weight

by Karl Burton

Having a little extra weight on can work against your mental state in a big way. The never-ending circle of weight gain, depression, and inability to lose the weight can really take a toll on your mind.

Want a tip to combat this? Meditation.

That’s right, meditation can actually help someone not only lose but maintain their weight. While it’s definitely not the most strenuous of physical activities; it is one of the best tools out there for managing mental struggles. But it’s also a  great way to help ease your mind and focus your thoughts to a more positive outlook as you work to lose those extra pounds.

How it Works

The use of meditation increases the focus of the mind, allowing a person to be immersed in a goal and complete it. With this newfound focus, weight loss can become easier and less of a struggle. During meditation, focus on what you want for your body and how to achieve it. Then while you’re in a relaxed daze from your meditation routine; get the adrenaline going and work out.

Meditation also helps a person’s willpower as they regain control over their life and mind. Do you want to lose weight? Then you’ll do it, no questions asked. Meditation helps provide a person with intent and motivation; making the task of exercising, not only to be healthy but also lose weight a reality.

Meditation is also a wonderful stress reducer and anxiety reliever; so those that tend to stress-eat can definitely benefit from a meditation routine. When stressful things happen or anxiety is triggered, the urge to work out comes to mind first then the urge to reach for a sweet.

Tips to Make Meditation Smoother

Whether you are a beginner to  meditation routines, or you are a long-time practitioner; there are always ways to improve on your current routine. When it comes to meditation – less is definitely more. To really set the relaxing mood and not only feel the full effects but also the entire benefits of meditation, why not try the following:

  • Choose a room in your home that is quiet and not frequented by constant traffic. You don’t want any interruptions while doing your meditation routine; so a quiet room is a must.
  • Dim the lights to the bare minimum or better yet, draw the curtains closed and light a couple of scented candles. This will relax you even further and also the flickering flames will give you something to focus on while clearing your mind. Try light scents such as lavender (proven to reduce stress and anxiety in a person) or a scent that invokes a happy childhood memory, such as pumpkin pie or cinnamon spice.
  • Invest in a quality essential oil diffuser. Use this to scent the air around you with a lovely scent which allows you to relax. Take caution to use either the diffuser or a candle, as you don’t want the air to become heavily perfumed as this can lead to a headache.

o   Not sure about which are the best essential oils? Maybe you want something that can be used in part of a DIY skincare routine so that you are relaxed by a familiar scent all day? Then head over to, as they are the experts on essential oils.

  • Start slow – if you are not used to meditation, then allot five minutes a day for practice and then leave it. If you are not relaxing at the get-go; then simply try again. As you get the hang of your chosen meditation routine (which could be parts of various routines), you can gradually start to increase the time spent meditating.


Don’t send yourself into another bout of stress and anxiety by worrying about your weight; especially not during the holiday season. Use the tips learned today to not only reduce your stress levels but also reconnect with yourself as a person. Meditation is one of the biggest helpers in allowing people to learn to love themselves exactly as they are and it is a major tool in focusing the mind. It helps people relax and just be at peace, even for the smallest of moments. Use the focus that meditation can give you to set a goal in mind (for example, lose weight before the holiday season) and watch yourself accomplish that goal.

After all, there has to be a reason that meditation has been practised for centuries around the globe, right?

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