Can Juice Improve Your Overall Health?

by Annett Shires

Taking care of one’s health is essential. You’re not only protecting yourself from diseases, but you’re also improving the quality of your life. Being healthy is a precious gift you can give to your loved ones. You and your family immensely benefit when you take care of your health.

There are different things you can do to improve your overall health. It has long been said that a combination of the right foods and exercise is essential to stay fit. With today’s busy lifestyles, increased pollution, and debilitating stress, you need to get rid of toxins to improve your health.

Now the question is, can juice improve your overall health?

The answer: yes and no. Juice has many health benefits, but how it helps your body depends on what type you drink. Not all kinds of juice drinks are suitable for the body.

It’s best to avoid commercial juice beverages since it contains very little fruit or vegetable. Store-bought juice is usually loaded with sugar and sweeteners. Not only that, it contains preservatives and artificial ingredients that can be harmful to the body.

What Juice is Good for Your Health?

The best juice to drink is one made from freshly squeezed vegetables and your best option is to make this type of juice at home. But try not to use too many fruits for this juice to avoid high sugar content (green juice is the best).  Many people think that preparing juice at home is expensive and challenging to do, but it’s the opposite actually.

Local markets have an abundance of affordable fresh fruits and vegetables and good quality juicers are available from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Cold press machines cost a few thousand dollars or more depending on the size and capacity. You don’t have to buy the most expensive machine though, just go for the one that will suit your budget.

Juicers are available from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Cold press machines cost a few thousand dollars or more depending on the size and capacity.

What are the advantages of making your own juice?

  • You can control the number of fruits and vegetables that you want to use (controlling how much sugar goes into your juice)
  • You can create your own recipes or follow delicious concoctions, such as Goodnature juice recipes
  • You can control the quality of the ingredients used for your juice.
  • You can save money by preparing your juice compared to buying them at juice bars.

Cold press machines and juicers are a worthwhile investment since you’ll be using them for the long-term. Your family can also use them to prepare their juice own recipes at home.

Can Juice Improve Your Overall Health?

Drinking freshly-squeezed or cold-pressed juice regularly helps improve your overall health. Start juicing now to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Energy Booster

Most of us rely on caffeine and sugary drinks to boost our energy. However, when the effect of caffeine wanes, you’re left feeling sluggish and irritable at times. Too much sugar intake is harmful to your health. Thus, you should avoid soda, commercial fruit drinks, and other sweet beverages as much as possible.

Real juice, on the other hand, gives you a boost of energy that’ll last the entire day. Fruits and vegetables have the essential nutrients that help create and sustain energy levels. While you can get the same amount of nutrients when eating whole fruits and vegetables, it’ll take time for your body to digest them.

Juicing gives you the essential vitamins and minerals that you need to start your day right and accomplish all the things that you need to do.

2. Aids in Weight Loss

We all know how fruits and vegetables play an important role in losing extra pounds and maintaining healthy body weight. Carrying excess weight is not suitable for the body. Aside from the unsightly appearance, your risk for health problems also increases if you remain overweight.

A lot of people have benefited from drinking real juice to manage their weight. There are numerous articles online talking about how juicing helps in weight loss and management.

One of the reasons juicing is very popular because it’s effective in maintaining the ideal body weight. Traditional diets are likely to fail because your body is starved and not receiving sufficient nutrition. The best way to keep the perfect weight for your body type is to change your lifestyle for good.

You need to exercise regularly and receive proper nutrition. Adding real juice to your diet benefits your health on a long-term basis as your body quickly absorbs the vital nutrients to keep you healthy.

Juicing is easy to incorporate into your daily diet because there are so many juice recipes to try and enjoy.

3. Power up Your Immune System

Your immune system is crucial since it protects you from diseases and infections; it defends your body from illnesses. Thus, the need to maintain a healthy immune system. If the immune system is weak, viruses can easily bring you down.

Maintaining a robust immune system highly depends on your lifestyle. To strengthen your body’s natural defenses, you need to exercise regularly, get adequate rest, and eat healthily. Juicing makes it easier to eat healthy, especially if you’re not a fan of fruits and vegetables. Adults and children benefit from juicing because fruits and vegetables are more comfortable to consume and digest.

You can come up with different juice recipes to suit your preferences. Including fresh, natural juice in your diet is a great way to strengthen your immune system.

4. Improves Digestion

Some people will argue that eating whole fruits and vegetables is better than taking them in a juice form. However, the reality is there are people who find it challenging to consume vegetables and fruits. Lack of fruits and vegetables in a diet can lead to constipation and other digestion problems.

100% fruit and vegetable juice help keep your digestive tract healthy. It’s also easier to give juice to older people and small children. Juicing helps ensure that you and your family receive adequate fiber while keeping the body hydrated all day.


Natural juice is beneficial to your health in many ways. You’ll be flooding your body with the essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain your overall health. Juicing helps protect you from different illnesses, boost your energy, improve your gut health, and even make you look and feel younger.

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Annett Shires considers herself as a fitness buff. Regardless of how busy her daily schedule is, Annett strives to consume healthy meals and become physically active. Annett makes the most out of her weekends by camping or hiking with her friends and family. During leisure, Annett writes articles about health and wellness.

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