Food blogger’s secret hacks to fix kitchen disasters

01/11​Food blogger’s secret hacks to fix kitchen disasters

Tips from the kitchen of Food expert and Blogger Kuljyoti Dhingra

Cooking is an art, but not everyone has the skills to master that art! Right from managing those small little things in the kitchen to fixing delicacies, day-to-day cooking involves a lot of effort and it’s just not a child’s play to cook like a pro! Well, if you too find yourself struggling with small cooking disasters every now and then or you find it super confusing to manage your pantry, then fret not as we have some brilliant cooking and kitchen hacks suggested by Food expert and Blogger Kuljyoti Dhingra, that will make your life easier!

02/11​How to fix wilted greens

What’s worse than the wilted greens in your salad? Looking for ways to fix this? It’s simple, just soak the greens (like lettuce, etc.) Into some ice cold water for 20 minutes and then strain the excess water and your greens will be as crunchy as fresh greens.

03/11​Easy way to whip cream

Do you keep whipping cream for hours and still don’t get stiff peaks? Well, place your bowl with whipped cream over a bowl with ice and then whip it. This method is known as cold bath and it helps in whipping the cream in minutes.

04/11​Easy way to separate yolks from eggs

Pick it up with your wet hands, yupp! It was that simple. You don’t need a spoon or any fancy equipment, just use your hands. (but, make sure that your hands are clean.

05/11​Hack to soften butter

Do you always forget to take out butter from the refrigerator before you bake? Well, there is a simple hack to soften butter super quick. Take a metal bowl and boil some water into it, now remove the water from the bowl and invert the bowl over small cubes of butter. Your butter will be softened in minutes.

06/11​Chill wine super fast

Forgot to put wine in the refrigerator? Here is a hack to chill it quickly. Take a tall pitcher and add ice cold water and some salt into it. Immerse the bottle into the pitcher and your wine will be super chilled in a few minutes.

07/11How to fix seized chocolate?

Do you have a seized block of chocolate because you didn’t melt it correctly? Well, chocolate seizes because of moisture but it can be fixed with moisture only. Place your bowl of seized chocolate over a bowl of simmering water and add 2-3 tbsp of water into your chocolate and whisk it until it comes to the liquid consistency again. That’s how you fix it. You can use this chocolate in cakes, brownies and mousse.

08/11​Chocolate bowls hack

Wanna make your dessert look fancy? Take melted chocolate & dip an inflated balloon into it until it covers half of the balloon. Refrigerate it and pop the balloon once the chocolate is set. You got chocolate bowls to serve desserts which will make it look fancy.

09/11​Everlasting berries

Berries are something that get ruined pretty fast. All you have to do is wash them, remove the stem ( in case of strawberries) and freeze it in the refrigerator on an oven sheet with parchment paper and once they are frozen transfer them into a ziplock bag. That way, your berries can last in your freezer for months.

10/11Make shakes creamy and thick

Wanna make your shakes super thick but don’t wanna add tonnes of ice cream into it? Just freeze your milk into cubes in an ice tray and use it instead of regular milk. Your shakes will be much thicker and delicious.

11/11​How to avoid oil on peanut butter

Do you get frustrated when you have to mix oil back into peanut butter? Well, this is a simple hack, store the jar upside down and the oil will rise on the top and that way it will be much easier to stir it back together.

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