Consider This Tool Your Personal, Post-Workout Masseuse

There’s a gadget for everything nowadays: we use them to knead our bread; clean our teeth; dry our hair. The best do such a good job, we wonder how we ever got by without them. And the name to know now? The Theragun, the fitness tool that’s taking the industry by storm.

While the Theragun has been around since 2016, the company behind it recently rebranded to Therabody, to represent the brand’s tech-meets-wellness approach to recovery. The newest model (a fourth in the Thera family), looks set to be the Dyson hairdryer of the fitness world, and alongside a line of CBD products called TheraOne, taps into this generation’s obsession with all things wellness. Responding to huge growth in interest in its recovery devices, the company has developed massage therapy tools suitable for various levels of fitness. 

Think of this handheld tool, which has quickly become a go-to for personal trainers and athletes, as your own personal masseuse. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What does the Theragun do?

Developed by chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland after he experienced deep tissue pain following a motorcycle accident, the Theragun started life as a DIY power tool that Wersland fashioned to help aid his pain relief by delivering vibrations to the deep tissue. That early iteration inspired what became the Theragun, a handheld, power-driven device that uses percussive therapy to deliver quick-fire blows (2,400 per minute to be precise), to sore muscles. 

What could a Theragun do for you?

With several attachments available to further focus your treatment, you can make the Theragun’s effects bespoke to you by changing the massage heads. The Cone and Thumb attachments are the most precise – perfect for when you want to target one area and really pinpoint an area of pain – while the Wedge was designed for shoulder blades and IT bands, so that you can use scraping motions to help flush out lactic acid from muscles. The Standard Ball attachment is the best all-rounder for small and large muscle groups, and is a good go-to for after a workout.

How do you use a Theragun?

Make sure to turn the Theragun on before placing it on your body, for better control, then once you have it placed on your desired spot; glide it smoothly across without adding any pressure. Let it do all the work for you by floating it over your your tired joints. If you feel an area needs extra work due to knots or tension, just let the Theragun rest on that spot, again without added pressure.

Can a Theragun cause damage?

As massage guns treat muscle soreness and stiffness, it’s always best to know what your body can handle before you get started. Theragun produces high-powered, self-administered massages and so if you have a particularly painful muscle strain or sprain make sure to consult a doctor first before using the Theragun as a quick fix, otherwise you might end up causing more damage.

What’s new about the fourth generation Theragun?

The latest Theragun tools all have so-called “QuietForce” technology, so they’re an instant improvement on their noisier predecessors. The new-gen gadgets all still offer the same 16mm amplitude and speed of 2,400 percussions per minute as the original tools. Three out of the four handheld devices now have smart technology, with built-in Bluetooth that allows the tool to track your behaviour and habits, so that it can create guided routines for you using the new Therabody app. Users can now choose from five different speed settings, and the battery allows for 120 minutes of use once fully charged. 

Which Theragun should I choose?

Theragun PRO

Unless you are looking for a device that can withstand heavy usage in a commercial environment, the PRO (and its price tag) isn’t necessarily for you. However it does offer quite a few extras as a professional recovery tool, such as an OLED screen to display the speed settings, a professional grade motor, two long-life batteries (five hours), four different rotating arm positions to allow you to easily access every part of your body. All of the available attachments come included with the PRO.

Theragun PRO, £549, available at

Theragun Elite

With a lot of the same benefits as the PRO, the Elite is the best choice for athletes and those who are training consistently. With 120 minutes of battery life, all attachments apart from the Supersoft come included. 

Theragun Elite, £375, available at

Theragun Prime

The more affordable, and traditionally triangular, Theragun device, the Prime still gives you much of what you get with the Elite. It has the same battery life, speed settings and bluetooth capability, just with a simple LED indicator screen in place of the fancy OLED display. It it also includes four attachments.

Theragun Prime, £275, available at

Theragun Mini

New to Theragun, the Mini is a pocket-sized, compact device that’s perfectly portable and affordable for on-the go muscle massage. It has three speeds, 150 minutes of battery life, and a single attachment for instant relief for tired muscles. The perfect introduction to percussive therapy tools.

Theragun Mini, £175, available at

Theragun Starter Set

If you’re just getting into the world of Theragun, you’ll want to ease into the transition, which is why the Starter Set will be your go to collection. The set includes the Theragun Prime, Theragun Prime wireless charging stand, and supersoft attachment, so whether it’s particularly sore muscles or just areas of your body that need a lighter touch, the set introduces the percussive therapy to your routine effortlessly.

Theragun Starter Set, £305, available at

Theragun Work From Home Set

With all the time being spent at home, stressing, staring at a screen and sitting on a chair all day, there is no better time to get into the Theragun Work From Home Set. The collection includes the Theragun Elite, wireless charging stand, and supersoft attachment, for a well rounded wellness essential kit that’ll melt away all that tension in seconds.

Theragun Work From Home Set, £400, available at

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