How to pair your food with beer this summer

01/8Beer and food pairing

A perfect match for a hot day – beer’s diverse taste can not only add flavour characteristics but also make it a natural partner for food.

Food pairing is an onward-looking trend that has gradually gained popularity across the globe – be it amateurs or experts, pairing your food with the perfect drink is a fancy go-to dining etiquette. (Image: istock)

02/8​The idea of food and beer pairing

While the conventional ideas of food pairing with wine and gin have been doing the rounds, it turns out that beer is a more flexible food pairing option than any other beverage. It’s so much easier to pair beer with foods as there are so many different variations in flavour, aroma, appearance and mouth feel. With the summer season approaching, it is the perfect time to host house-parties for your friends and families tailoring your beer inventory to the food menu.

Whether you are enjoying your all-time favourite peanut chaat, or the evergreen paneer tikka, pairing it with the right beer can elevate your experience. But before you do, follow the ‘3C’ rule to pair your favourite beer. (Image: istock)

03/8​What is the 3C rule of pairing beer with food

According to experts, when it comes to pairing food and beer, the combination should always be Contrasting, Complementing, and help cleanse the palate. There are several key elements such as sweetness, bitterness, acidity, fruitiness, richness etc that one needs to consider when looking at how beer can complement the food. (Image: istock)

04/8​Strike a contrasting deal

It is always a good idea to balance the equation. An ideal pairing, by contrast, is when you choose a beer or food with one strong, dominant flavour. This will make your hero dish shine without its taste being overpowered. Such contrasts can be using beer and different foods to balance bitterness & sweetness, acidity & sweetness or crispness & richness. (Image: istock)

05/8​Compliments the flavours

You can’t go wrong with pairing things that are alike. India, as we all know, is rich in spices and flavours and it will be incomplete if one does not indulge in the versatility of it. Complementing the flavours of your dish with beer is one of the simplest ways to make a successful food and beer pairing. Beer and food that share common flavours & characteristics will support each other. (Image: istock)

06/8​Cleanse to rinse and reset

It is all about cutting it through the flavours. While they enhance and amplify the flavours, beers also act as a palate cleanser. It has the unique ability to reset the palate through bitterness, alcohol and carbon dioxide. This type of beer pairing is ideal for a food menu that has a strong or overpowering flavour like spicy Indian food or fatty fried food. This pairing also works oppositely, and you can use fatty foods, such as French fries or nuts, to cut through the bitterness. (Image: istock)

07/8​Tips on how to try beer this season

1. A glass of light lager is crisp, smooth and carbonated which goes well with your BBQ chicken or fish and chips or even Thai curry.

2. A combination of the Indian pale ale with a classic burger, chicken curry, biryani and even desserts such as Apple pie brings out the intensity in flavours.

3. A pilsner paired with your favourite sandwiches, pizzas and even salad.

4. Creamy cheesy risotto with cider will bring alive the flavours

5. Lastly, try pairing porter with rich chocolate-based desserts to wrap up the day. (Image: istock)

08/8​Final words

While beer is one of the milder alcohol beverages available today, don’t forget moderation is the key to good health. The fact that alcohol content in beer varies anywhere between 3.5% to 8% which is lower than hard spirits and even wine, makes it a perfect food partner. (Image: istock)

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