The Best (and Worst) Wedding Flowers for Brides with Allergies

Best: Dahlias

Rich and dynamic in shape, pollen-free dahlias (make sure you clarify with your florist as some dahlias do have pollen) are a great option. Not only are they gorgeous, they're perfect for a couture look with drama and texture.

Worst: Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, also known as mums, come in a variety of looks (long eyelash-like petals, tight, dynamic petals, and more). The bad news: They're all allergy-triggering. For a beautiful, but safer choose, try dahlias.

Best: Hydrangeas

When choosing flowers, it's especially important to pay attention to low centerpieces that will be near your (and your guests') face. The good news: Hydrangeas, a centerpiece staple for weddings, are a low-pollen flower. Plus they're lush and eye-catching.

Worst: Hyacinth

These fragrant, bell-shaped flowers in bright blues, purples, yellows, and a half-dozen other shades are high in pollen. If you love the look, ask your floral designer to recreate it using allergen-friendly hydrangeas.

Best: Calla Lilies

These gorgeous, dramatic, and fragrance-free blooms look great in large bouquets and centerpieces. They definitely shine on their own, and the color options are endless. For an elegant, striking look, choose pure white blooms or go bold with deep burgundy, also known as black, calla lilies.

Worst: Freesia

You'll smell these sweet blooms long before you see them. Their strong scent carries, making them a must-avoid flower for allergic brides.

Best: Ranunculus

Do you love the romantic, petal-dense look of roses and garden roses? For a less-fragrant option, craft your bouquets and centerpieces using ranunculus. They're on-trend and available in a rich array of colors from blush to fuchsia to purple.

Worst: Sunflowers

Don't let these bright, sunny flowers deceive you. They're pollen powerhouses. If you love a bright yellow bloom with that wildflower look, opt for bright yellow ranunculus or calla lilies.

Best: Asiatic lilies

Unlike other members of the lily family, like spotted tiger lilies, Asiatic lilies don't give off a strong fragrance. These fresh florals are ideal for weddings with contemporary and exotic décor. They're especially pretty in dynamic, high-design centerpieces.

Worst: Lilies

Lilies, except for the Asiatic and calla lilies mentioned above, are notoriously problematic for allergy suffers. Choose one of the lower-pollen options above to enjoy the look without the allergies.

Best: Orchids

Yes, orchids contain pollen, but it's not like your typical pollen. Unlike other pollen, it's stickier and almost never airborne. Choose from cascading phalaenopsis, mokaras, or cymbidiums, which come in a variety of shades.

Worst: Daisies

If your allergies are set off walking through a field of wildflowers, then you already know daisies aren't for you. For a great alternative with a similar look, choose pyrethrum or Japanese chrysanthemums.

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