4 side effects of eating chicken daily that you need to know about

01/5Can chicken cause any side effects?

Chicken is probably the most popular pick among non-veg lovers. From starters and appetisers to the main course, there are a plethora of recipes that you can try with chicken. Chicken is usually a healthy poultry item that is power-packed with protein and offers a number of nutrients to your body. But can daily consumption of chicken cause any side effects? If you too consume chicken daily, read on till the end. (image credits- istock)

02/5​Can increase cholesterol

Consuming chicken in the right manner might not contribute to a spike in your cholesterol levels. It all depends on how you consume it. If you are a regular consumer of deep-fried chicken, then there is no doubt in the fact that your cholesterol level will spike. In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that white meat chicken increased the levels of bad cholesterol in the same way that red meat does. To keep your cholesterol levels under check, it is best to consume grilled, boiled, poached, baked or stir-fried chicken. (image credits- istock)

03/5​High heat food

Chicken is considered to be a high heat food. It can increase your body’s overall temperature, in simpler terms, it can cause ‘heat’ in the body. Due to this, some people might experience a runny nose, especially during summers. Situations like this might occur due to the daily consumption of chicken. If you experience a bloody nose after regularly eating chicken, it is best to eat it after a gap of a few days. (image credits- istock)

04/5​Weight gain

Another side effect of eating chicken regularly could be weight gain. A number of food items like Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Fried Chicken and many more are high-calorie food items and are quite heavy. It is perfectly fine to have them once in a while, but regular consumption will definitely lead to weight gain and might also cause a cholesterol spike. (image credits- istock)

05/5​Linked to UTIs

Certain varieties of chicken can also be linked to urinary tract infections or UTI. According to a study published in the American Society for Microbiology’s journal mBio, chicken with a particular strain of E.coli can cause a range of infections, including UTI.

“The team found E.coli in nearly 80% of the 2,452 meat samples and in 72% of the positive urine and blood cultures from patients who consumed the meat”, according to Science Daily. In order to prevent such infections, it is best to consume chicken that is “raised without antibiotics”.

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