Can we eat almonds with skin?

01/5Can you eat almonds unpeeled?

Almonds are super essential for the human body as they offer a lot of nutritional benefits. From reducing the cholesterol level to keeping your heart healthy, almonds should surely be a part of your diet. But what’s the right way of consuming almonds? Is it peeled or unpeeled? Read on to know.

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02/5Eating almonds with skin

This topic has been debated for a very long time and the answer is that you can consume almonds with the skin. It’s completely safe to have almonds unpeeled. Many people consume soaked almonds in the morning time. While eating unpeeled and soaked almonds may be healthy but not more nutritious than eating them with their skin.

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03/5The skin has more fibre content

The skin of the almonds is rich in fibre due to the presence of polyphenols. They also act as protective agents against cardiovascular disease and cancer. It has been found in animal studies that polyphenols prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. It’s also believed that eating almonds daily may lower your oxidized LDL cholesterol levels.

According to Celebrity Nutrition Expert Sheela Krishnaswamy, “It is benificial to eat almonds with skin as it is rich in fibre and hence helps in digestion. But some elderly people might experience digestion problems while having almonds with their skin. So, they should have it without the skin.”

Rishabh Chokhani, Founder, Naturevibe Botanicals says, “The skin of the almond contains tannins, which makes it difficult to digest. People with digestion issues should avoid unpeeled almonds.”

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04/5Benefits of soaked almonds

Almonds with skin offer health benefits and the same stands true for soaked almonds. Having soaked almonds daily can work great for your body. Some benefits of soaked almonds are listed down below.

  • Smooth functioning of the brain
  • Treats constipation
  • Nourishes your skin
  • Helpful for pregnant ladies.

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05/5Can you roast almonds?

Roasting almonds increases their nutritional value and reduces their water level. So, roasting them can be a healthy and tasty way to consume them.

To conclude, it is best to have almonds with skin as the skin is a rich source of fibre, but those with weak digestion should consume it without skin. Make sure that you eat almonds in moderation as they are very calorie-dense.

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