5 Things Your Lower Back Pain Says About Your Body


The human body can suffer from various conditions, and the results might be discomfort or pain. These feelings can tell you a great deal about what is happening with your body.

If you ignore these sensations, then it is usually a mistake. You need to listen to what your body tells you if you want to get well. For example, lower back pain can be an indicator of several possible conditions.
Let’s briefly go over some of them right now.

Your Posture Might be Bad

Sometimes, the reason for lower back pain is apparent, like when a woman is late into a pregnancy. Other times, it might not be as immediately evident.

However, many times, your posture can cause lower back pain. Perhaps you have a job where you:

  • Sit in front of a computer for hours at a time
  • Sit at a desk and do paperwork
  • Hunch over in an enclosed area

In any of those scenarios, you should be extra careful of the way you are sitting, and for how long.
If you do hours of computer work every day, you need to keep your back straight.

Bending over into a question mark position for hours each day could damage your back in the long run, and low back pain is your body’s way of letting you know you need to make a change.

In addition to being mindful of your posture, you should also get up and walk around once every hour. Sitting down for many hours on end is bad for your back, but it can also cause various muscles in your legs to cramp up. Walking around and working out the kinks is a possible solution.

You Might Be Lifting Heavy Objects Inappropriately

Maybe you have a job where you lift and carry heavy furniture around or something along those lines. Perhaps you:

  • Work for a moving company
  • Collect scrap metal to sell to junkyards
  • Are a warehouse worker

In any of those cases, the constant picking up and carrying of heavy objects can wreck your back if you’re not careful.

What you need to learn how to do is lift without first bending forward to do so. Bend at the knees and hips and squat down next to the item that you intend to raise. While keeping it near your body, straighten your legs and back.

At the same time, remember that you shouldn’t lift heavy objects above your shoulder level. You also shouldn’t twist or turn as you’re holding a heavy box or some other item.

You Might Be Doing Dangerous Exercises

Part of exercise can be weightlifting, especially if you are a bodybuilder. Some weightlifters can become remarkable physical specimens if they stick with it and follow a proven workout and diet plan.

The problem is that it’s easy to hurt your back if you don’t know what you’re doing. Lifting free weights, resistance training, or using exercise machines can work against you if you throw yourself into it without the proper training and guidance.

If you’re getting into strength training, you should first take some lessons at the local gym. If you have a membership, take some time to talk to one of the personal trainers there. If your gym doesn’t have personal trainers, you can hire one for a few private lessons.

Explain your goals, then pay attention while they show you the proper form. If you gloss over this step, it’s easy to hurt your lower back through improper technique.

You Might Be Under Stress

Sometimes, there is no immediate reason for why your lower back has started to hurt. You might not have lifted anything heavy, and your job may have nothing to do with sitting hunched over in a chair. What might the problem be?

The issue that could be causing your lower back pain might be stress. In the time of Covid-19, many individuals are under more pressure than ever.

Maybe you’ve lost your job. You might have reduced hours, or you may not be getting along with a relative or friend. You might have a troublesome thought or idea that is weighing on your mind.

Any of these can cause unexplained back pain. You can combat it through different yoga disciplines, starting a martial art, or meditating.

If you don’t have the money for yoga classes right now, you can watch some videos that will show you some basic stretches. There are also free meditation apps that can reveal basic breathing techniques that should help you relax.

If the problem comes from conflict with a relative or friend, you should go out of your way to talk to them and try to work things out. Leaving issues unresolved makes it more challenging to banish back pain and other physical reactions that might pop up.

Another Lower Back Pain Reason Might Be Possible

There are some other possible causes of lower back pain, as well. For instance, you might have a spinal or kidney infection, arthritis, sciatica, spinal cord cancer, or a herniated or ruptured disk.

The treatment you need will vary depending on what you have. Some of those conditions are unpleasant or painful, but some of them could prove fatal if you don’t get them checked out and treated in time.

You should probably get to a doctor sooner rather than later if you have persistent, unexplained lower back pain. You can see your primary caregiver first, and if they say so, you may have to see a specialist that diagnoses and treats back conditions.

Ignoring back pain and trying to push through it is something that lots of people do, but it’s never a wise idea. Until you can determine what’s going on with you, you can’t be sure of the best way to treat what is happening.

Don’t let lower back pain dictate how you conduct your everyday life. Try and determine what caused it, and the best way to treat it.

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