What is Sparkling water? Is it worth the hype?

01/5​Is Sparkling water worth the hype?

Water is nature’s best gift to humanity, and since 75 percent of our body is made up of water, it is the most essential element of our lives. Time and again nutrition experts emphasise on drinking sufficient water. The market is flooded with various types of waters that include mineral, sparkling, spring etc. Sparkling water is the latest fad. But what is it exactly?

02/5​What is Sparkling water?

Sparkling water has been a fad among health enthusiasts and weight watchers, but what exactly is Sparkling water and is it actually better than water? No matter how inclined we are towards jumping on to the emerging fitness trends, questioning the quintessential elements of life like water, can often lead to confusion.

One such fad is a Sparkling water also known as Carbonated water, which is believed to promote weight loss, help in improving digestion, relieve constipation and trigger the fat burning hormones and provide satiety.

03/5​What is carbonated water and what makes it different from regular water?

Sparkling water is just water, which has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure. This process gives the water a fizzy effect, which makes it delightful. There are several types of carbonated water such as club soda, soda water, seltzer water and fizzy water.

While carbonated waters may have additives like salt, sugar or sweeteners to accentuate, regular water is naturally rich in minerals that help in striking the perfect electrolyte balance in the body. However, a lot more research is needed to establish the side effects of this water as there’s a thin line of difference between both the types of waters. Also read: Is mineral water safe to drink?

04/5The key difference and impact?

According to studies, both regular water and sparkling water are great for digestion. Since, carbonated water has added carbon dioxide added to it to create a fizzy twist, the body takes slightly more time to flush out the liquid from the small intestine, this creates a feeling of satiety and curbs hunger pangs, but at the same time it impacts the absorption of water in the body. On the other hand regular water gets absorbed faster than carbonated water.

Both the types of water have similar impact on the body, but when it comes to carbonated water it helps in reducing the flatulence and discomfort in the digestive system and helps in relieving constipation. As per studies, Sparkling water also improves gut health and helps in clearing the digestive system and boosts metabolism. However, if you suffer from heartburn and acidity, then it is a better idea to seek medical advice before switching to Sparkling water as it is acidic in nature.

05/5​Can Sparkling water help you lose weight?

Much like regular water, Sparkling water too has more or less the same impact on weight loss as hydration is the key to burning stubborn fat and sparkling water accelerates it a bit by providing a feeling of satiety. According to some health experts, carbonated water triggers hunger hormone ‘Ghrelin’, which curbs odd hunger pangs but a lot more research is needed to establish this fact.

Since it improves digestion and metabolism, the intake of this water improves the metabolic rate, which further leads to fat loss. So, if you are planning to switch to carbonated water make sure you check the labels carefully and opt for no sugar, no salt and flavourless Sparkling water. The addition of fructose makes it calorie-dense, which may affect your weight loss plans.

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