Your Sex Life Is Dictated By Venus Sign, Here’s How To Understand Yours

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, sex, and beauty has long since been associated with matters of the heart. In terms of astrology, the planet Venus plays a significant part in your astrological profile, influencing your intimate relationships — both romantic and platonic — sensual desires, self-esteem and relationship with money and the material world. Particularly significant is your Venus sign, the astrological sign that Venus was in at the time of your birth. Understand this and you may find the key to understanding how you interact with loved ones.

Calculate your Venus sign here and read below to find out what this means for you.


Those with Aries as their Venus sign live for the thrill of the chase and always work hard to make relationships last. Money, however, is a different story. That spendthrift attitude means that you might want to start saving your pennies ASAP. On a good day, you are fun and endearing. Plus, you’ll fight for who and what you love — no matter the cost.


Venus is at home when it’s in Taurus. It makes for charming, loyal, decadent and flirty individuals. Some might call you a Casanova when it comes to romance. But, unlike the sweet-talking paramour, you enjoy commitment and stability in relationships, just like in your financial investments and situations. With your innate earthy energy, it’s important that you receive luxurious gifts (from others and yourself) to make you feel extra sensual.


With Venus in Gemini, you’re a social butterfly who likes chatting endlessly with those you adore. You are attracted to people with wonderful personalities and with whom you have a cerebral connection. In fact, you’ll want to commit to someone who makes you laugh and shares the same intelligence as you. You have an on-again/off-again attachment to material possessions. Your bank accounts can be as fickle as your heart.


You’re very sentimental and nurturing when it comes to romance. You’d never turn your back on anyone. In fact, you’ll stick by friends or partners forever (or until a relationship needs to end). You’re in it for the long haul. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll let anyone in. You’re protective over your hearts and wallets, which means you’ll remain in a cocoon when heartbroken until you heal.


Those with Leo as their Venus sign exude passion and confidence. You go after what you want and almost always manage to win people over. Never one to do things minimally, you give big declarations of love, affection and admiration to those you hold in high esteem. But be careful not to distract your loved ones with these dramatic gestures.


When it comes to love, you’re not one to get emotional or affectionate in public. You’re more practical and realistic in romantic matters, which means that you take your time before committing to others. In matters of money, you don’t like to blow the budget on over-the-top items. Instead, you prefer to save your cash for things that you need (or that have longevity in style and purpose).


Don’t let this astrological placement fool you! Those born with Venus in Libra may seem detached, but you’re actually super relationship-orientated. In fact, you flourish when coupled up. You want to be bound to your one and only for eternity (as long as it remains harmonious). You love to be in love. You don’t purchase items on a whim, you like finding balance in your spending habits instead.


You can always feel the heat for those with Venus in Scorpio. You know who you want to commit to right away and will do so on a very deep level. Once you are in love, your feelings won’t dissipate. In fact, your infatuation with your partner will grow with time. You simultaneously like to possess others and be possessed in relationships, which extends to the material world and your possessions. The caveat is that you can be a tad controlling in both romantic and financial affairs.


With Venus in Sagittarius, you’re adventurous and confident when it comes to love. Opposites attract here. You like connecting with those who are different to you in all areas of life. You’re optimistic and idealistic, but there’s nothing you hate more than a partner who expresses jealousy or chooses to rain on your parade with negativity. Learning to temper your spending is key, as you often take high stake risks when it comes to money.


You’re not known to lose your head over romantic ventures. You like to date and will happily commit to someone with whom you see a real future, but you can be picky when it comes to partnering. You have a tendency to be frugal, direct and serious with your intentions, emotions, and purse. The flipside is that you’re extremely loyal and yearn for stability in relationships.


You like to keep things light, especially when it comes to romance. You prefer to keep relationships casual, rather than red hot. Known to be aloof in love and best friends with your partners, you express your unique and novel sentiments freely. Your forward-thinking heart brings you creative partners who are witty and cool to the core. You are also known to have novel notions when it comes to making money.


Who says romance is dead? Definitely not those born with Venus in Pisces. You’re adaptable and tender. Your love knows no bounds. This means that you’ll do anything for those you care about, even open your purses to share your wealth. Dreamy, wishful and intuitive when it comes to love, you believe in fairytale endings and won’t commit to anything that falls short of what lies in your fantasies.

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