A short guide to tricycles and the benefits of riding one

Adult tricycles are a great way to keep fit, make friends, and ensure that your mental wellbeing is being cared for.

Since the first lockdown in the UK, adult tricycles have increased in popularity. The closure of gyms and other physical activity outlets has encouraged people to work out at home or take advantage of the outdoors.

So, with this newfound love for the outdoors, people all over the world are looking for new ways to exercise in the fresh air, such as riding a tricycle!

There are many benefits to riding an adult tricycle, and this post will take you through the many reasons why riding a tricycle is so advantageous and why you should consider riding one:

Stability and Safety

Tricycles are attractive to many people as they have three wheels instead of two. This means they are more stable, and therefore, safer. Having three wheels and being lower to the ground compared to a normal bike, adult tricycles are really easy to ride.

As they are low to the ground and have three wheels, going uphill or riding over uneven terrain is not an issue. The sturdiness of the tricycle ensures that the rider is stable on the bike if going over mud, cobbles, snow, or grass.

Adult tricycles are also extremely comfortable, and this is another reason why more and more people are choosing to ride a tricycle instead of a normal bike. There are a range of seating options to choose from on a tricycle, and one of the most popular seating options in recent years has been the recumbent tricycle. The seat on this tricycle has a high back, so its great for those who need extra back support whilst cycling.

The Community

Riding a tricycle is a great way to be involved in the UK tricycle community too. There are many social media groups that can be joined, where you can chat to like-minded people with an interest in adult tricycles, and you can find the best tricycle routes in your area. Joining communities like this is a great way to improve mental wellbeing, as it provides individuals with a sense of belonging.

Mental Wellbeing

There is nothing better than getting outside to clear the mind and boost your energy. Tricycles are a great way to do this, the three-wheelers are a great outdoor companion, and provide riders with a relaxing way to take part in low-impact aerobics. The three wheels mean users don’t have to focus so much on balancing, and instead can take in their surroundings around them.

Riding a tricycle is a great way to reduce stress levels. Sometimes there’s nothing better than taking part in aerobic exercise to relieve stress, as it can be a great way to release any anxiety. An article by Science Daily highlights how exposure to green space can reduce the risk of certain health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. So, if you are feeling stressed and need to feel calm, taking your tricycle out to your local park good be the solution.


Tricycles are a favorable option for many people, such as those with disabilities, the elderly, or those that just don’t feel comfortable riding a three-wheeler. Tricycles provide many opportunities for those who are unable to get around easily without aid. For those with autism or dyspraxia, tricycles are more accessible as they provide more balance.

Environmentally Friendly

This is one of the most important benefits of a tricycle. As tricycles are accessible to a wider range of people, this means more people can work on being environmentally friendly. It is encouraged to take other means of transport to work such as a bike, but for many, riding a bike is a struggle, meaning helping the environment in this way is out of the question for many individuals. However, with a tricycle more people can help the environment by using the three-wheeler to commute to work, meet friends and go to the shops.

How to choose the right tricycle for you:

If you are thinking about purchasing an adult tricycle, there are a few questions to ask yourself that may help you decide which one is best for you. Ask yourself:

  • Do I need a tricycle for long commutes?
  • Do I need a tricycle suitable for rough terrain?
  • Do I need a tricycle that’s easy to store away?

Jorvik Tricycles have a wide range of adult tricycles to choose from, such as electric tricycles and fold away tricycles.

If you need a tricycle that is suitable for longer commutes to work, or for prolonged workouts, an electric adult tricycle might be for you. An electric tricycle is equipped with a motor, so it gives the user extra pedal support when cycling.

If you need a tricycle that’s suitable for uneven and rough terrain, purchasing a mountain adult tricycle would be the most appropriate option. Mountain tricycles are great for adventures, whether you are riding through fields or visiting the beach, a mountain tricycle works well on extremely rough ground.

If you need a tricycle that’s easy to store away at work or because you have a little room at home, and fold away adult tricycle would work for you.

So, have these benefits encouraged you to switch from a bicycle to a tricycle? For more information on adult, tricycles visit Jorvik Tricycles and chat with the Jorvik team using the live chat function.

Author’s Bio:
When James Walker needed to find a good quality trike for his father, Stuart, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, he discovered a problem. Choice was limited, designs were outdated, and most were out of his budget. As any family facing hardship would attest, James felt compelled to help his dad continue to do what he loves. But he was running out of options. Not willing to give up home, he decided to take matters into his own hands. And Jorvik Tricycles was born.

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