Surviving That Time Of The Month: Five Ways To Reduce Period Cramps Naturally

Period pain is a nightmare for most women around the world. They are caused due to the overproduction of inflammatory chemicals, called prostaglandins, which in turn trigger your uterus to bunch up, spasm, and cramp, making women want to curl up in a ball until the pain ends.

Each month, the uterine lining builds up as a preparation for pregnancy. If no fertilisation occurs, the thickened uterine lining sheds. When the lining sheds, the uterus contracts which is what causes cramps. If the uterus contracts strongly, it can reduce the oxygen supply to the muscle tissue, which results in pain.

Fortunately, most periods, misery can be soothed with natural remedies for when ‘that time of the month’ comes around. Without needing to reach for the painkillers, there are natural ways, from what you eat to how you move, that give your body some TLC during menstrual cramping. Let’s draw attention to a few ways on how to relieve period cramps.

Physical Activity

For most of us, working out is last on the list of activities to do when you have period pain, but exercise can be beneficial. Women that exercise regularly have less perception of menstrual cramps, so look at exercise as a way to get up, move, and prevent rather than treat the pain in some cases. Make sure you engage the core and abs when exercising normally for reduced cramps – having toned and engaged lower abdominal muscles, the better in control of your cramps you will be.

You can also try out the benefits of yoga as it can provide natural relief from common menstrual issues like cramps and premenstrual syndrome and improve overall health status. But it doesn’t mean that you have to stand on your head or do difficult poses. Instead, focus on simple stretches to reduce stiffness and aches. Cobra, cat, and fish poses are great examples of poses, which stretch and stimulate the abdomen.

Water & Tea

Hydration is also key to keep period pain minimal. Drinking plenty of water within the day keeps your body from retaining water, avoids painful bloating, increases the blood flow to the skin, and relaxes the cramped muscles. Dehydration is a common cause of muscle cramps, which is why it is advised to skip the booze for a few days. Certain teas may relieve period pain.

This ancient remedy for menstrual pain relief has been used for centuries in certain cultures. Try, for instance, hot chamomile, ginger, or peppermint tea as they are known to have calming properties.

CBD Products

CBD oil is said to be a potent anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and muscle relaxer; which is why more women are successfully reporting CBD as one of the best methods to combat unbearable periods.

CBD and CBD tampons can help women suffering from lower back pain, sometimes being more effective than painkillers. No, you will not become intoxicated from using CBD oil for pain. CBD tampons and other products do not contain THC and therefore are non-psychoactive.

The tampons contain a small amount of cannabidiol, which triggers the CBD receptors in the blood vessels in the pelvic region. The receptors and the cannabidiol work together to reduce inflammation and therefore, cramps.

Other CBD products that may help to soothe the flow include CBD gummies, chocolate, bath soak with a few drops of oil, and infused patches to stick on to the body. To find the best CBD products available on the market, please visit Alphagreen marketplace.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods & Dietary Supplements

While ice cream, pizza, or french fries might sound delicious, foods high in sugar, fat, and salt can trigger bloating and inflammation, which makes muscle pain and cramps even worse.

Instead, grab a banana, apple, or any fruit of your choice to fight sugar cravings, or eat unsalted nuts if you want something more savoury. In fact, eating berries, pineapples, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, almonds, walnuts, fatty fish like salmon, and spices like turmeric, garlic, or ginger can help to reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and relax your uterus due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Period symptoms can usually be made worse by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so besides consuming food loaded with vitamins, intake of natural supplements should see you through your periods more comfortably.

Vitamin D can help the body absorb calcium, lower inflammation, and reduce the production of prostaglandin, which causes the uterus to contract.

Other supplements like omega-3, vitamin E, and magnesium can help to decrease inflammation and might make your periods less painful. However, make sure to ask your doctor prior to taking anything new as some supplements interact with medications. Also, consider consuming natural supplements every day, not just during your period.

Heat Treatment

Whether you prefer an old-fashioned hot water bottle, dip into a warm bath, or a more modern option like a heating pad, the heat can help your muscles relax and ease the pain, particularly If you want to avoid medication completely.

What’s more, the heat has been shown to be as effective as aspirin and NSAIDs for the relief of dysmenorrhea pain. Laying down with something warm like a hot towel on your aching stomach or relaxing in the bathtub can also diminish your general stress.

There you have it, our five tips for managing symptoms of PMS. While you can support your body and mask the symptoms to alleviate discomfort with the following natural remedies, finding out the main cause of the problem is always the most effective method to treat the issue.

Also, in case your menstrual cramps are suddenly or unusually severe and are not reduced by a traditional painkiller, and if they affect your ability to study, work, and do any other day-to-day activity, it is recommended to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider.

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