Emotional Personality Is Dictated By Moon Sign, Here’s How To Understand Yours

If you’re using astrology to get a grip on your wellness routine and better know yourself, then look to your moon sign — it’s long since been associated with human emotion. In ancient times, philosophers would put fluctuating mental states down to the wavering phases of the lunar cycle. In the 13th century, the outdated and offensive word ‘lunatic’ was used to describe those affected with ‘periodic insanity’ dependent on the changes of the moon.

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It’s an idea that has also been passed down through literature, with the moon often used as a trope to signify unbridled passion and emotion, particularly when it comes to women. It should come as no surprise, then, that in astrology, we look at the moon sign — the zodiac sign that the moon was passing through at the exact time of your birth — as a guide to deciphering a person’s emotions.

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Your moon sign is one of the most important parts of your astrological profile: it represents your emotional side, your feelings, intuition and memories. It also dictates your relationship with the main maternal influences in your life, as well as how you nurture and care for others. Knowing yours means understanding your emotions and yourself on an intimate level. So first, to find out what your moon sign actually is, enter where, when and at what time you were born here.

Find out what your moon sign says about you


Ruled by hot-blooded Mars, lunar Aries natives tend to be aggressive, impulsive, passionate and excitable. They want others to understand their needs on an intuitive level, even if they can’t express that sentiment clearly. On a bad day, the Aries moon can be temperamental and defensive. But, on a good day, they can be great emotional problem-solvers (which makes them skilled at giving advice) and risk-takers when it comes to love.


The moon’s favourite zodiac placement is in Taurus. Ruled by Venus (the goddess of love, social graces, luxury and money), they find comfort in the earthly realm. Sensual and artistic to the core, the lunar bull is kind, graceful and loyal to those they love. And, yes, they do fully enjoy the finer sentiments of life. This means that they are the ‘eat, drink, and be merry’ lunar sign of the zodiac.


Those who have the moon in Gemini understand their inner sentiments most by talking them out. They tend to be emotionally smart due to their ability to rationalise their feelings (after they’ve had a long discussion about them to gain clarity). As they are the only zodiac sign with a life partner (the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology) in the sky, Gemini moons are relationship-orientated and want to work out matters to keep partnerships intact.


The moon is the natural ruler of Cancer. Operating on feelings, intuition and memories, Cancer moons feel comfortable in nostalgia. The crab walks sideways, which gives them the ability to see situations and people from different angles. They’ll cling to those they feel safe with and run away from situations where they don’t. Cancer moons use their pincers and shells to protect themselves from environments that push them out of their element.


Go big or go home! Leo moons are caring people with big hearts who like to show their affections in lavish ways. Gifting others with generous presents is done in appreciation of those who have supported their fiery ego and allowed them to take charge by being the centre of attention. If someone steps on their ego, they’ll roar and walk away. If they’re given love, they’ll stay for good.


Ruled by Mercury, lunar Virgos are analytical by nature. They are compassionate, patient and fair-minded. However, once they are emotionally pushed to the edge, they explode (or implode) with good reason. The good news is that Virgo moons quickly move on from drama. They have a reputation for being critical, picky and choosy. But only because they give the best parts of themselves to others and want the same high standards in return.


The Venusian moon in Libra experiences a balanced life through companionships. A doting and loving partner, they use their charm and wit to express their sentiments and lavish the people they adore with presents and food. However, they’re the only zodiac sign that is not represented by a living creature (they are the scales of justice). This symbolism may lead them to be critical, rational and less emotional at times.


Scorpio’s traditional planetary ruler is Mars and its modern ruler is Pluto. This means that they take on an intuitive, intense, fierce, ravenous and transformative energy. Known for their deep, brooding nature, Scorpio moons often wear a poker face to the outside world in an effort to hide their true feelings, which run deep and are scorching hot. They’ll let people into their hearts once they’re sure they can fully trust them.


The Sagittarius moon is considered to be lucky as it is ruled by optimistic risk-taker Jupiter. They like to be surrounded by exotic flavours that warm their palate and philosophical intellectual conversations while they’re globetrotting. As the zodiac sign equipped with a weapon (the bow and arrow), once provoked, they will sling their arrows at the jugular to fight back and protect themselves.


The lunar Capricorn demands patience and persistence from themselves and those around them. Ruled by taskmaster Saturn, the reflective and hard-working Capricorn moon uses their tenacity to achieve their goals. Success is of the utmost importance as they view their inner self through earthly recognition. Their no-nonsense attitude makes them take life very seriously. Therefore, it is highly important for Capricorn moons to prioritise things that are fun and relaxing.


Aquarius’s traditional planetary ruler is Saturn and the modern ruler is the planet Uranus. The airy Aquarius moon finds comfort in exploring and independence. A trailblazer by nature, they use their unique and quirky insights to meet like-minded humanitarian people. They can be emotionally aloof at times, leaving others who do not adhere to their ways of thinking. They need to be surrounded by people who are secure and strong.


Traditionally ruled by lofty Jupiter and dreamy Neptune, the Pisces moon is psychically in tune, creative and sentimental by nature. Sensitive and empathetic, this lunar sign can easily absorb the emotions of others. This can create contradictory feelings within. The Pisces moon needs to learn how to separate emotional fantasy from actual reality, as well as fact from fiction (even with their memories) to swim freely and live a happy life.

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