These Top-Rated Clear Face Masks Allow Others to Read Your Lips While Staying Safe

As you know by now, it's important to wear a mask when you're out and about. However, fabric face masks can make communication difficult, and sometimes even impossible, for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. To help solve this problem, a handful of retailers have created clear face masks that show one's mouth. (Yes, they're still just as effective as regular masks; they're made with a transparent material that still covers the mouth and protects those around you.) Here are four clear face mask options you can order now and have shipped to your home.

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vinyl face mask Credit: Courtesy of DOMDRICHStudio/Etsy

Vinyl Face Mask

This best-selling clear face mask (with nearly 5,600 sales) is available in 12 colors. It's made of vinyl and fabric trim with an adjustable nose strap. One satisfied five-star reviewer writes, "Very pretty and well made! I'm purchasing another. Thank you!"

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variety of colorful face masks Credit: Courtesy of RandlByDesign/Etsy

Anti-Fog Face Mask

Although more expensive than others, this clear face mask is definitely worth it. (And for $3 more, you can upgrade yours with an anti-fog material.) The trim is made of cotton, the middle is made of vinyl, and the seller recommends hand-washing only to keep it in good shape. It comes in 14 different colors and three sizes: two options for adults and one for kids.  It's also a best-seller with more than 8,600 sales. One person writes, "I'm a speech pathologist in the schools and this will be perfect for me to use at work! Thank you!!" Another person notes, "As an ASL interpreter, this was the best clear front mask I've used so far!"

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reusable clear face mask Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Reusable Clear Face Mask

This option comes in two sizes: one for kids and one for adults. It's made of cotton and vinyl with adjustable ear straps, so you can tailor it to fit your face. It's available in five colors, and there's also a version that comes with an attached face shield.

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clear face mask with print design Credit: Courtesy of EllaQuinnBoutique/Etsy

Patterned Clear Face Mask

Yes, you can be safe and stylish with this clear face mask. It comes in six different prints and two sizes: one for children and one for adults. It's made of cotton and vinyl and features an adjustable nose piece. The shop has a perfect five-star rating and many of the reviewers mention the fact that the mask doesn't fog up.

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This article originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens by Jennifer Aldrich.

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