Shashi Tharoor gives Bhel Puri recipe in his iconic style, netizens are flummoxed

Politician Shahi Tharoor is known for his rich vocabulary and unique style of expressing emotions in the most complicated and creative way. The Congress leader recently took to his official Twitter account to share the recipe of Bhel Puri and it left netizens flummoxed due to the unique choice of words.

He described Bhel Puri as “Exotic crispy wild rice from the Western Ghats rainforest”. Have a look at his tweet, which he captioned, “As received on @WhatsApp. Good for weekend consumption!”

Describing the details of the recipe he wrote, it is drizzled with an aromatic salsa-verde of Rajasthani desert cilantro & the chef’s secret micro-greens sourced from our exclusive greenhouses in the Nilgiris, bathed in a luscious salasa-rosso of Ras Al-Khamiah dates and exceedingly rare Assamese Bhoot Jolokia chillies known for fruiting once in twelve years.

He further mentioned that the snack is seasoned with a sauce of sweet Kerala beach-sand soil-growth tamarind & Malabar organic raw sugar; tossed in a bronze vessel with macedoines of Gujarati winter shallots & Vidarbha heritage potatoes and riotously festooned with a cacophony of Hyderabadi chickpea-flavoured crunchies “bugea” & “papdy” cooked “a la Marwaraise”.

The fancy and exotic description of Bhel Puri made many people ask for more. A user wrote, “Good one. Rolling on the floor laughing sir, we request you to define other cuisines too like PaniPuri & Chaat. May be You can launch “Foodosaurus” Green salad after “Tharoorosaurus”, while the other asked, “Sir What about ‘poha’.”

Scroll below to see how netizens reacted to Shashi Tharoor’s tweet.

Thumb Image Courtesy: Twitter/TimesofIndia and istock photos

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